Every service group has 3 filters:


The number of employees having the "Online" status at this moment is displayed to the right of the group name.

The filters are intended for convenient separation of the dialogs:

General — all requests from clients.

If there is still no reply from any employee of your company, the dialog is displayed with the following icon: Waiting for response.

If the page on the client's side has not been refreshed within a minute (for example, if the client has closed the page or passed to another one), then the icon appears changed as follows: Inactive.

Active dialogs where at least one employee has replied are marked with the Active icon.

The completed dialogs have the Closed icon.

My — this filter contains dialogs in which you have replied.

Unprocessed — clients' requests received when there were no employees online in the group. These dialogs are marked with the Unprocessed icon.

In case there are dialogs waiting for a reply, a special notification icon blinks in the upper right corner of the window: Notification. This notification is visible only to the users that have the "Work" permission in the service group settings.

Inactive (Inactive) public dialogs are automatically closed in 5 minutes.

Personal dialogs are automatically closed if there are no new messages during 24 hours in it.