Blacklist is used to block outgoing calls. It can be used to restrict the calls of certain employees, for example, to external numbers. Also, the blacklist should be created when setting callback function on your website. This will prevent fraud calls on paid numbers.


To create a new rule, start specifying its parameters in an empty line:

Starts with — initial phone number digits. One rule may contain several initial digits separated by commas, for example, 8809,+7809.

Number length — the length of the numbers to which the rule applies. The length can be specified either as a specific number of characters, or as intervals. For example, -3 means any number of up to 3 characters inclusive; 5-9 means all numbers between 5 and 9 characters, 11- means number with 11 characters or more.

For users — users, to whom the rule applies. If no users are specified. the rule applies to all.

Comment — a text comment to the rule.

Any numbers listed in Organizations and Contacts modules are automatically excluded from blacklist verification.

To delete the rule, click Delete at the end of the appropriate line.