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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 378

alexey 15/06/2009 14:35 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: implemented possibility of setting up the list of security server certificates for verification of clients' security certificates;
  2. Server: implemented function of inserting link to a document when working with visual editor:

  3. Server: added the setting of phone number prefix for dialing via IP phones (SIP) on the Administration -> Settings page and in the user's profile:

    Setting of phone number prefix for TeamWox dialing via IP phones (SIP)

    Phone setting in the collaboration software


  4. Server: added the quick filter by a keyword in the "Journal" without opening the window of filtration parameters;
  5. Server: added TeamWox Groupware Application Programming Interface (API) method for displaying the last comments in the form of a table. The displaying of comments when viewing general information in the "Organizations", "Contacts" and "Team" modules is remade using that method;
  6. Server: fixed errors in the client components of user interface: media player, charts displaying, calendar and visual editor. The new verison of "Select users" component;
  7. Server: fixed errors in the authorization of users using security certificates;
  8. Server: fixed error of working with symplinks to the resource files;
  9. Server: resource files are not cached by server when launching TeamWox server with the "/console" parameter (implemented on demand of the developers of modules);
  10. Task Manager: optimized the number of tasks displayed in the "Personal", "Assigned" and "Groups" boxes at the "Overview" page;
  11. eMail Client: cardinally quickened the indexing in case of delimiting the access;
  12. eMail Client: implemented the renewing of message date when resending it;
  13. Message Board (Forum): fixed errors resulting in memory leak;
  14. Organization: added "Registration date" field;
  15. Contacts: added "Birth date", "Sex", "Passport" and "Language" fields;
  16. Contacts: implemented the function of adding notes to a contact's history from the pop-up help with its details:

    Adding notes to a contact's history from a tooltip with its details

  17. Team: new window of working time (timesheet) intervals editing;
  18. Team: implemented the quick adding of notes to an employee's history on the "Information" page via the dialog window like in the Organizations and Contacts (CRM) modules:

    Adding of notes to an employee's history from the Information page

  19. Team: fixed error in displaying of birthdays. If there is no birthdays within 30 days the corresponding message is displayed;
  20. Team: added interface to TeamWox Groupware API for displaying the page from different modules in the viewing employee's details;
  21. Team: new version of displaying the working time component. Added: option of specifying the color for displaying the informaion about working days, the displaying of working hours when putting the mouse cursor over the cells, weekly format of displaying (52 weeks in a year);
  22. MetaTrader4: added binding to the "Assigned";
  23. MetaTrader4: added representation of client's details to be displayed when viewing the overview inforamtion about a client in the Organizations module;
  24. MetaTrader4: implemented the displaying of closed positions at the "MetaTrder 4" tab of the "Organizations" (CRM elements);
  25. MetaTrader4: extended the search by the clients' accounts: search by registration date and search by parts. All text fields are included in the search;
  26. Chat (Online Assistant): added the possibility of copying the permanent link to a livechat session;
  27. Accounting: fixed several errors.

The live update Build 378 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools in TeamWox Groupware

TeamWox, as a system of enterprise management, has a lot in common with CRM-systems, though its range of function is much wider. Thanks to installation of TeamWox, similar positive results are reached: increase of sales, optimization of marketing and improvement of client-oriented service. Even though TeamWox shouldn’t be reduced to customer relationship and contact management systems, this article will be devoted to CRM tools. Let’s have a closer look at them.

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