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Mailboxes limits in TeamWox email Client

saeedsaeed 08/11/2009 12:44 | #


what is the maximum size of email boxes in the online collaboration software?.. I have around 7 GB of data that I need to download from my gmail account.. is this ok?

Financial Modules (Moneyflow) in TeamWox Business Management Software

It is often difficult for a director or manager of a company to gain a full understanding of documentation, which is devoted to financial operations. Many organizations leave all of the financial business to their book-keepers and accounting departments.The issue is easily resolved using the TeamWox system of organizations administration. This system allows for a simple management of financial flows, and an operational access to all of the necessary information.

alexx 09/11/2009 13:33 | #
There are no limits for the mailboxes.
saeedsaeed 10/11/2009 13:56 | #
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