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Mailboxes limits in TeamWox email Client

saeedsaeed 08/11/2009 12:44 | #


what is the maximum size of email boxes in the online collaboration software?.. I have around 7 GB of data that I need to download from my gmail account.. is this ok?

TeamWox SDK: How to Add a Module to the Groupware Software

As we know, one of the major advantages of the TeamWox group work system is the modularity of its structural architecture. It is reasonable to assume that sooner or later, the organization will want to expand the system’s capabilities, to suit its own needs, by creating additional modules. In this article we will examine a quick and easy way to add a ready-made module to TeamWox.

alexx 09/11/2009 13:33 | #
There are no limits for the mailboxes.
saeedsaeed 10/11/2009 13:56 | #
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