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FAQ: TeamWox Groupware installation

jerome 29/08/2011 12:55 | #

IP address of my server has changed and now I can't enter TeamWox from the Internet by the link *

If your system is installed at one of free domains, provided by MetaQuotes Software Corp. (, or, the additional box appears at the "Overview" page of "Administration" module:

This box allows controlling the binding of the domain name, selected during installation of the system, to the IP address the system works at. In case of changing the IP address at which TeamWox works, specify here the new address and click the "Apply" button. After that, the system will send a request to the DNS server of MetaQuotes Software Corp., where the binding of the domain name will be changed.

If the IP address the system works at is changed frequently (for example, if the address is allocated dynamically), enable the "Track change of the IP address" option. Thus, the changes of the address will be automatically checked with a certain periodicity. In case the address is changed, the binding will be automatically changed at the DNS server.

Built-In Graphic Tools in TeamWox Collaboration Software

The article describes how you can work with graphics using the built-in possibilities of the TeamWox groupware system.

jerome 29/08/2011 12:58 | #

SSL connection error. Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with the server or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that you don't have. Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error.

That error occurs in case software uses the same port relatedly. For example, if you have launched Skype (that uses ports 80 and 443) and TeamWox server (that uses only port 443), you will get such an error message.

First of all it is connected with the fact that SSL certificate may be assigned only to one socket in the operation system (a bond between an IP address and the port). But as the port is already occupied, SSL certificate is not initialized in the system. In that case you should find and close the application that tries to use port 443 together with the TeamWox server.
jerome 29/08/2011 13:15 | #

Where can I find TeamWox Help?

TeamWox contains built-in help. Click on the icon query mark  in the upper right corner from anywhere in the program to go to an appropriate help section.

Online version of the help can be found at the following address
jerome 29/08/2011 13:17 | #

Email does not work in the TeamWox eMail Client.

Most probably your mailbox settings are configured incorrectly. Or the ports for mail server connection are closed or not configured at your gateway or proxy server. Check the settings.
jerome 29/08/2011 13:27 | #

How can I send a payment order via email?

To send payment orders via email to your contractors you should do the following:
  1. Open an appropriate contractor organization in the "Organizations" module

  2. Move to the "Contacts" tab (at the left part of the window)

  3. Open an accountant contact person or create a "New contact" in case of its absence

  4. An appropriate box must be checked during the contact editing:

    Also, the email address where prepared orders will be sent in the future must be typed.


  5. Move to the "Accounting" module settings and indicate the mailbox from which the orders will be sent.


  6. Open a book at the same module and select an appropriate order. Or select a "New order", in case it is absent.
    "Recipient" line must contain the name of an organization with an accountant. Click "Preview" at the current book window

    Current book

    Click "Send" at the emerged order window

    send a payment order via e-mail

    After that the current order will be sent via your email registered in the system ("eMail Client").
jerome 29/08/2011 13:28 | #

I've closed the task and cannot find it now. Where can it be?

Open the "Taks" module and move to the "Closed" tab at the left panel.
jerome 29/08/2011 13:37 | #

Can I connect to TeamWox from mobile devices?

It is possible, providing that Safari or Opera mobile is used as a browser.
jerome 29/08/2011 14:04 | #

I'm not accustomed to using the work of others for free. Can I pay for a free 10-user TeamWox version?

Certainly! For how much would you evaluate our product?
jerome 29/08/2011 14:08 | #

Data security while using TeamWox SaaS

Each copy of the TeamWox server runs as a separate process isolated from other programs. It is installed in its own directory and has its own file storage and a database isolated from other programs. Each TeamWox server copy has its own key for data access - a license attached to a domain.

The next level of data protection is users authentication. The most simple type of authentication is set by default. And that is authentication by an individual login and a password. System access protection can be strengthened if necessary by setting users authentication through AD or e-Tokens (personal means of strict authentication).

Attention: change the system access password of a user created by default after the first entrance to TeamWox.

TeamWox system works only through safe https connections with the use of SSL encryption. That means that no one can intercept and read transmitted data.

Besides, TeamWox has additional methods of protection level enhancing. Using this methods you can configure the system information security according to a company policy and regulations:
  • Configuring access by IP addresses
  • Working sessions management by IP addresses
  • Mandatory password difficulty control
  • Configuring and editing of the root SSL certificate
  • Export of employees list and access rights from AD into the system
  • Using of existing client certificates and creating new ones
  • Setting of an access password changing periodicity for each user
  • Flexible configuring of the rights for each user/users group to have access to the system sections
  • Automatic keeping of the log containing internal messages and managed by a company administration.

TeamWox also includes the arsenal of tools to ensure its trouble-free operation:

  • Automatic backup
  • Automatic reception of updates
  • Network connection test
  • Collection of system operation statistic data
  • TeamWox operation log.
jerome 29/08/2011 14:20 | #

Adding a custom module by the example of using SDK.

Suppose that we have a TeamWox server and approximately ten employees that actively use the system.

After some time you feel the necessity to modify TeamWox by adding a template that concerns only your company.

What should you do in such a case? Do not get upset, we have a solution! And that is TeamWox SDK.

First you should download Software Development Kit module from the TeamWox web site.

Run the downloaded file. Agree with the license agreement and select installation path during the installation process and click "Finish" in the end.

Now we have our working material and need a tool. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition will be used as the latter.

This product is free and you can download it easily from the Microsoft company website. Microsoft Visual C++ distributive size comprises 198 Mb. Size of the necessary disk space is 1.6 Gb. After the download is finished you may start installation.After the installation process is complete open Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. Go to the "File" menu - "Open" - "Project/Solution...".

Then open HelloWorld sample project using SDK TeamWox installation path by default:
С:\Program files\TeamWox SDK\Modules\HelloWorld\HelloWorld.vcproj "Visual Studio transformation wizard" window will emerge, where you must click "Finish" at once.


Here you at last can do anything you want beginning from the simplest tables and ending by the most complicated calculation templates.

Unfortunately for you, we are not describing work in Microsoft Visual C++ environment here, therefore, let's go on.

To ease the debugging process specify a saving path for a new template into the folder where TeamWox server is installed.

To achieve this copy the files from the default folder C:\Program Files\TeamWox SDK\Modules\HelloWorld\final to the folder where TeamWox server is installed.

Do not forget to create a separate folder for the current project beforehand, for example C:\Program Files\TeamWox\modules\HelloWorld\

Specify the path to the copied file C:\Program Files\TeamWox\modules\HelloWorld\HelloWorld.dll in MS Visual C++ project settings.

Project TeamWox SDK - HelloWorld

Now, reload TeamWox server, move to the "Administration" - "Modules" tab and find "helloworld" pluggable module there.

The module status is "Not loaded".  Therefore, click "Turn on" and reload TeamWox server again.

Now, move to the "Administration" - "Groups" tab, select, for example, "All" - "Permissions" tab and select all possible permissions for HelloWorld (at the very end) and click "Update". Refresh the web page in your browser and the newly added tab called HelloWorld will become available.
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