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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1427

alexey 20/07/2011 21:14 | #

What's new:

  1. Help new: The built-in TeamWox Groupware Help has been translated into Italian.

    Italian speaking users of the collaboration system can read the TeamWox Groupware Help files in their native language.

    The groupware system: The built-in TeamWox Help in Italian

    In addition to Italian, the TeamWox Groupware Help is available in 5 more languages: English, Spanish, German, Bulgarian and Russian.

  2. Server: As requested by our clients, expanded support for the Iranian calendar Jalali.

    Added support for Jalali in the "Calendar" control. If Jalali is selected in a user's profile, the appropriate system calendar will be shown.

    The collaboartive Calendar: supporting for Jalali in the Calendar control

    Time is stored in a common format in the TeamWox system. When viewing pages, the date is converted in accordance with the time zone and calendar selected by a user.

  3. eMail Client: To improve ease of use and implement suggestions of our clients, the user interface of the module has been redesigned.

    Implemented an option for selecting columns in the list of email conversations. This helps better organize workspace and maximize the space for displaying important information. You can show or hide the following columns:
    • A new column with the email address;
    • Company name or the name of the email author;
    • Date of the last email in the chain.

    eMail Client: selecting columns in the list of email conversations

    The action for selecting a line in the list is now the same as in other TeamWox Groupware modules.

    The line selection mechanism used in the online collaboration software is similar to that used in MS Windows Explorer. To select an email, click on the appropriate line in the list. To select several emails, do the following:
    • To add emails one by one, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the appropriate emails in the list;
    • To add a list of emails, select the first email, and holding down the Shift key click on the last email in the required list.

    In the page header, added commands for working with a list of selected emails. They can be closed, deleted or moved to the Spam folder with one click.

    eMail Client: commands for working with an email's list in the page header

    For your convenience, when moving an email, the filters to which it can be moved are highlighted in the panel of the mailbox list.

    eMail Client: highlighted in the panel of the mailbox list

    On the page of viewing a list of conversation emails, the name of the author of a particular email is shown in the right part of the window. This makes it easier to keep track of correspondence in eMail Client and find the email that was written by a particular person.

    For newly received emails, next to the sender's name a summary of the email beginning is shown instead of the subject. Based on the shown text, you can differentiate between emails with the same subject. This helps you to quickly find the required message inside a conversation.

    eMail Client: viewing the email beginning in an email's list

    Added new command "Reply to all". If you select this option, the name of the email author will be inserted in the "To" address of the form that appears, while all other recipients of the email will be added to the "Copy" field.

    The "Add to contact" command is duplicated in the form of an icon in the list recipients.

    The new version of the user interface was developed using the JavaScript library of controls. In addition to the new features listed above, the new interface allows increasing convenience of work on mobile devices and on computers with the right-to-left text direction.

  4. TeamWox Communicator: To meet the requirements of our clients' security policy, implemented user authorization using SSL certificates.

    Authorization using the client certificates will allow the use of TeamWox Communicator in the companies that accept only client certificate authorization, for example, using the eToken.

    If authentication by client certificates is enabled in TeamWox groupware system, you only need to enter the server address and click "Login".

    TeamWox Communicator: Authorization by client certificates

    Authentication will be performed automatically if only one client SSL certificate enabled for use in TeamWox collaboration software is available in the operating system. If more certificates are available, a standard dialog box for selecting a certificate will appear.

  5. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Completed certification of the TeamWox package in the APS 1.2 format. The package is published in the APS application catalog.

    SaaS Cloud: the TeamWox package in the APS 1.2 format

    Providers will be able to start providing TeamWox SaaS (software as a service) with minimal cost, if they are using Parallels' software to manage their infrastructure.

  6. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Added display of license restrictions for easier monitoring of installed instances of TeamWox Groupware servers.

    The "Paid till" column of the "Instances" page shows license expiration date, the "License" column contains information about the number of users under the license.

  7. TeamWox SaaS Agent: For the convenience of administration of multiple instances of the TeamWox Groupware server, changed the behavior of the "Stop" and "Start" commands.

    The "Stop" command stops the TeamWox Groupware server and changes the service settings - the startup type switches to "Manual". The stopped TeamWox Groupware server will not be started after a computer restart.

    The "Start" command starts the service of the appropriate TeamWox Groupware server and changes its start type into "Automatic".

  8. Translations: Updated user interface of the online collaboration software in Bulgarian, Greek, Chinese and German.

  9. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1427 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

Hello, TeamWox is on the line!

We are pleased to announce a beta release of the new Telephony module for TeamWox collaboration software. Now anyone can enjoy the functionality of a business telephone system at their desk for free.

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