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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1445

alexey 08/08/2011 17:08 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: For satisfaction of the company security policy rules the functional for the password mandatory changing has been implemented to make users change their passwords in a certain amount of days.

    TeamWox Groupware administrator can enable "Request for user password changing" option indicating necessary number of days required by a company security policy on the "Administration->Security" page.

    The groupware system: Security for passwords and working sessions

    In case a user has not changed a password within the indicated period of time, the dialogue window will appear on a TeamWox Groupware page containing the request to do that.

    The collaboration system: the window of password changing

  2. Server: The information block containing data on backup copies storage place and free space on a hard drive is added on the "Administration->Backup" page to simplify administration process.

    System administrator can enlarge "Backup depth" parameter value to store more backup copies for security reasons. Before the new build it was impossible to determine how many free space on a hard drive was required. That could lead to the fact that a backup copy for one of the following working days could not be created because of the hard drive free space shortage.

    To avoid this the information block was added on the "Administration->Backup" page where an administrator can see the amount of hard drive space necessary for creation of all backup copies. While increasing backup depth, an appropriate warning will be displayed, in case there is not enough free hard drive space for the indicated amount of backup copies.

    The groupware system: Backup depth parameter value

  3. Server: Statistical report that can be attached by a teamwork system administrator, while preparing a request to TeamWox Groupware developers, was enhanced.

    In the "Administration->Requests" page you can send us your request describing an error or any other issues you faced with, while working with your TeamWox collaboration system. That request will at once be ready for processing by TeamWox Groupware developers.

    While preparing a text, we recommend you to insert a statistical report containing the information on network settings, TeamWox Groupware server version, volume of hard drive space occupied by TeamWox Groupware modules and some other useful data. All that data will let us to evaluate possible reasons that could cause errors or give some recommendations concerning changes in computer configuration in timely manner.

    Beginning from the present build the report was enhanced. The following information was added:
    • hard drives free space used for TeamWox data backup and file storage;
    • computer RAM memory; 
    • name and version of the web-browser in which a TeamWox user makes his/her request.

    You can edit your finished request with the statistics concerning utilization of the resources by your TeamWox Groupware server before sending. You can leave only a part of the whole data in your report.

  4. Server: TeamWox Groupware data weekly full search reindexing start time is changed.

    Beginning from TeamWox Groupware build 1337 teamwork system administrator can indicate a start time of TeamWox daily data backup.

    Once in a week at Saturday night, while there are few users working in the business management system, full search reindexing starts. TeamWox Groupware server administrator could set such a backup time that could interrupt indexing process.

    Beginning from the current build weekly reindexing will start only after backup process is finished.

  5. Server: Administrator account is created during the system initialization without any need for reinstallation to simplify the work of the teamwork system modules developers.

    The following steps must be taken to test a module in the installation mode: stop TeamWox server, delete database file "[TEAMWOX_INSTALLATION_FOLDER]\db\TEAMWOX.FDB" and file storage catalogue "[TEAMWOX_INSTALLATION_FOLDER]\data" and then start TeamWox Groupware server.

    In case a data base is absent or it is the first time a TeamWox Groupware server has been started after installation, data base file is created automatically, necessary tables are created in the newly formed base by modules and the base itself is filled by initial data.

    TeamWox sytem administrator is created during the first start on the basis of the data a user inserted during the installation process.

    A user having "Administrator" login and "MasterPass" password is created to rid modules developers from the necessity to start the TeamWox installer each time during the system initialization. An appropriate entry is made in a server log.

    That user has system administration status and can be authorized only from the local addresses - and from an IP-address of the computer used for a TeamWox module development.

  6. eMail Client: Working space settings are extended for the ease of use. The possibility to add "ID" and "Assigned" columns for review on the page containing a mail chains list is implemented.

    "ID" column lets you quickly see a chain number to inform your colleague who must pay attention to it.

    "Assigned" column lets you see if responsible employees are assigned for processing the issues stated in a client's email without the need to go to the review page.

    eMail Client: adding column for review in working space settings

  7. eMail Client: Users comments were taken into account and errors in the new version of the user interface were fixed.

  8. Calendar: Notifications concerning invitations for different activities, new comments and other changes were implemented for the ease of use.

    An employee invited for an activity will be able to see a notification at the top right part of the TeamWox Groupware page or in TeamWox Communicator.

    Author of an activity will also know about his/her colleagues consent or refusal to take part in an activity he/she initiated.

    All employees will be able to keep up with the discussion concerning a forthcoming activity they must participate in.

    The collaborative calendar: the Notifications concerning invitations

  9. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Possibilities to monitor child servers operation are enhanced.

    You can register several child servers that will be used for the installation of new copies of TeamWox Groupware servers. With the new TeamWox SaaS Agent functional you can redistribute their resources to host TeamWox collaboration system in SaaS (software as a service) format easily and without any extra costs.

    Beginning from the current build that page displays child server availability status through an icon, number of TeamWox Groupware copies installed on it, number of their users and hard drive space they occupy.

    While analyzing submitted data, you can, for example, make a decision to increase a child server hard drive space.

    SaaS Agent: Monitoring child servers

  10. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Possibility to select a server for a new TeamWox collaboration software copy installation is implemented.

    You can make the following changes in a new TeamWox Groupware copy installation dialogue window:
    • choose "Automatic selection" option to let TeamWox SaaS Agent select the least busy child server;
    • choose the current TeamWox SaaS Agent;
    • or any of the available child servers.

    Automatic selection of a server for installation saves your time as you don't have to control the uniformity of the loads distribution of all the servers used for TeamWox hosting.

    SaaS Agent: Automatic selection of a server for installation

    During the request for the installation of a new TeamWox Groupware server copy from the APS package (version 1.2) installed in Parallels Business Automation, server for installation is always selected automatically.

  11. TeamWox Communicator: Communicator operation log files created more than 30 days ago will be deleted to save hard drive space.

  12. Translations: User interface of the business management software in Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, Latvian and Polish languages was corrected.

  13. Errors reported in crash logs, service desk (bugtracking) requests and on the official forum are fixed.

The live update Build 1445 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

Change in TeamWox License Policy

The license policy for free and commercial standard licenses of TeamWox collaboration system is to be changed from January 2013. We complete the free period for 10-user licenses, as well as for educational and governmental ones.

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