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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1497

alexey 11/10/2011 15:20 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: Fixed errors in WebDAV operation when connecting from Linux operating systems or Apple Mac OS X.

    Using the WebDAV protocol, connect TeamWox Groupware as a network drive on your computer. You will be able to work with documents without having to create a local copy.

  2. Server: Expanded the set of IP telephony integration options. Added option "Replace + with" numbers when calling from the TeamWox collaboration software.

    The groupware system: the set of IP telephony integration options

    Call your customers without having to dial a number. Click on the icon next to the phone number and it will be passed to your softphone.

    The communication system: the icon next to the phone number

    The new setting takes into account different dialing requirements of VoIP software used in your company. In some cases, it is necessary to enter 00 'or another number instead of ' + ' as a number prefix.

  3. Server: Improved import of event information from a *.ics file. In a multimedia viewer, you can choose any of the available calendars or create a new one for the imported events.

    The communicative Calendar: importing of event information from a *.ics file

    After receiving an invitation to an event by email from a customer or partner, you know its type: a personal meeting, negotiations, conference, etc. Starting with this build, you can choose a calendar you want to place your invitation to.

    If you know that an invitation is personal, you can import it without viewing its contents. Using the new command, import the event information into your personal calendar with one click.

    eMail Client: receiving an invitation to an event by email

  4. Server, TeamWox Communicator: Development and testing of IP telephony functions. Implemented the possibility to make calls, regardless of whether you're at home or in your office. Select the desired employee from the list in TeamWox Communicator and keep in touch with him or her, no matter in what office he or she is.

    TeamWox Communcator: making calls of IP telephony functions

    The system administrator will not need to change the settings of the office firewall. Employees already work in the business management system — it's a sufficient condition to start calling each other using the TeamWox Communicator.

    To implement the features described above, proxy server functions of the IP telephony have been added in the TeamWox Groupware server.

  5. Documents: To increase the usability and enhance the convenience for the countries with the right to left text direction, all the module pages have been redesigned using the JavaScript library of controls.

    Suggestions of TeamWox Groupware users have been implemented in the new version:
    • The overview page and the document information edit page have been optimized for mobile devices (mobile platforms).
    • You can increase the size of the document folder settings dialog.
    • The list of documents download window has been implemented using the HTML5 API. For each document, you can specify a description.

    The groupware system: Adding documents

  6. Organizations: To improve performance and implement users' suggestions, the module has been completely redesigned.

    The new version, performance when working with custom filters has been increased twice. The interface speed does not change even if the number of organizations in your TeamWox business management software amounts to tens or hundreds of thousands. The module pages open the same quickly, and you can create filters to specify the required details of your conditions.

    Suggestions of TeamWox Groupware users have been implemented in the new version:
    • Interface of all pages has been redesigned using the JavaScript library of controls. Users of mobile devices (mobile platform) and of languages ​​with right to left text direction will surely like the optimized user interface.
    • In the settings of custom fields you can specify exactly where they should be used and where they should be displayed;

      The CRM tools: setting custom fields in Organizations

    • Custom fields now support the autocomplete function.
    • Completely redesigned filter editing window. Opening the window once, you can customize your workspace — add the required set of filters or change the conditions of existing ones. When specifying a value for the field, the most convenient control will be used — a text box, date selection or list of users.

      The CRM tools: filters Editor in Organizations

     The new version is not yet finished, and in the following builds we will present new features that reflect the suggestions of TeamWox Groupware users.

  7. Organization: When viewing the list of requests of a specific organization, a user is shown all the requests that he or she is permitted to see.

    Previously, a user was shown only the requests of the technical service groups in which he or she had the "Full View" permission.

  8. Search Engine: Increased performance when searching for entries in all the modules and when using the filter functions in Task Manager, Service Desk (HelpDesk) and eMail Client.

    The search performance increase is most noticeable with search phrases consisting of two or more words.

  9. Calendar: For the convenience of scheduling, implemented the possibility of coloring activities.

    Color selection will tell you which of the activities are most important.

    The communicative Calendar: coloring activities for events

    When scheduling an event in the general calendar of presentations, color those that you should hold yourself. If the upcoming event in your personal calendar gets an important status, change its color on the information page.

  10. Calendar: To enhance the possibilities of information exchange, implemented import of event details from a *.ics file from your local drive.

    Using the import function in the online collaboration software, you can easily add information about an event, if you receive an invitation by email in the TeamWox groupware system. But in some cases *.ics files can be received in your personal mailbox or saved to a file from one of the websites. Starting with this build you can just easily import data from these files.

    Click "Import" and in the appeared window select a required file with an event. The dialog box contains a preview area where you can see the dates of events. The Import button will show information about the total number of events to be added to the calendar.

    The communicative Calendar: Import events to the calendar

    Select a calendar for new events, depending on their type and category. To select new events, choose a color to mark them.

  11. TeamWox Communicator: To expand the possibilities of information exchange, in the chat dialog added a command for getting the chat link.

    If the problem discussed with a client via the customer support Live Chat (Online Assistant) cannot be solved, you may need to create a request to your colleagues who can help sort out the problem. In the request, specify a link to the dialog, so that they can read the explanations of the client.

    Starting with this build you can get a link to a dialog without having to search for it on the Live Chat pages. Open the box with additional information and copy the link, using the context menu command of the dialog ID.

    TeamWox Communicator: a command for getting the chat link

  12. TeamWox Communicator: In the chat window, added Call and New Chat commands.

    During conversation with a client, you may need to discuss the problem with your colleague so that the client does not see it.

    Click on the colleague's name and, using the appropriate command from the context menu, call him or her or discuss the issue in a new private live chat.

    TeamWox Communicator: call and new chat commands in the chat window

  13. TeamWox Communicator: Expanded setting parameters of sound devices.

    To support the development of telephony features, it is necessary to expand Communicator configuration settings for a wide range of devices. In addition to selecting a speaker and microphone, starting with this build you can select devices for a sound notification (ring device) of incoming calls.

    The communication system: setting parameters of sound devices

  14. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Expanded the list of supported DNS servers.

    In a new build implemented MS Windows DNS support. If you use a DNS server from Microsoft and are going to deploy a TeamWox SaaS framework, simply specify the name of the computer on which the DNS server is installed and the name of the user with appropriate rights on the Settings page. When installing a new TeamWox Groupware server instance, a domain for it will be registered automatically.

    SaaS Agent: the list of supported DNS servers

  15. TeamWox SaaS Agent: As suggested by our partners, added a page with the text of the TeamWox SaaS EULA.

    Within a SaaS (software as a service) framework, a new TeamWox Groupware instance is installed by a provider, and not by a client. SO the installer dialog with the license agreement is now shown to the TeamWox user.

    The employee of the company that purchases the online collaboration software from a SaaS (software as a service) provider now sees a page with the EULA before getting started with the system. The user needs to read it and accept its terms. This page will be shown only to the system administrator, who will start working in TeamWox Groupware system using the login and password sent by the SaaS provider.

    SaaS Cloud: a page with the text of the TeamWox SaaS EULA

  16. Translations: Updated user interface of the online collaboration software in Bulgarian, Chinese, Greek, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainian.

  17. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1497 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

TeamWox SDK: Building User Interface

In this article we will consider how to build user interface in TeamWox groupware using JS controls. We will also consider templates - how to use them to specify format and procedure of data output, and to set page layout.

alexey 13/10/2011 16:23 | #

Released new build 1500 of the TeamWox groupware system, in which we have fixed an error that could cause server crash. The error occurred only with the option "Request to change user password after N days" enabled.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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