Marketing Materials for TeamWox Groupware Partners

This section contains the description of all materials that can be useful in your work with your customers. The list of materials will be filled up as TeamWox Groupware develops. Besides, we are ready to prepare materials upon our partners’ request.


These materials are intended for customer allowing to gain a deep understanding of what TeamWox  Groupware is. One of the presentations describes advantages provided by the use of the collaboration system. Another one is a short description of all the business software's modules. As the groupware develops, these presentations will also be extended.

TeamWox Presentations

Presentations are offered in forms of Power Point and PDF files. When printed, the presentations are booklets with a special place to attach your business cards. These documents can also be used for electronic presentations.


A leaflet is a short version of the presentation for customers. It should be used only in a printed form, also allowing to attach your business card. The leaflet is presented as a PDF file.

TeamWox Leaflet

TeamWox Brand Book

This document is intended to help you develop your own marketing materials. It contains clear rules on the creation of various materials (internet banners, hoardings, your own leaflets, etc.) with the TeamWox Groupware's logotype. Besides, the document contains examples of creating folders, booklets and files with the TeamWox logo.

TeamWox BrandBook

Education for Customers

The course is intended for teaching customers`employees to work with TeamWox Groupware. The document can be used both in an electronic and printed form. The estimated course length is 2 weeks. You can change this document upon your requirements.

TeamWox Education Course

Instructions on TeamWox Groupware Integration

The instructions are aimed at teaching your employees to integrate the TeamWox collaboration system for your customers. They allow quickly learn the simple procedure of groupware installation and integration. The document contains descriptions of all operations necessary to prepare the TeamWox for working. Instructions are offered as a  PDF file and also can be printed.

Instruction on TeamWox Integration

Attention: If you need any additional materials, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you and develop any materials to help your distribution business. The only restriction is that materials should be helpful to all our partners, and not only our specific company.