TeamWox Groupware Overview for Partners

TeamWox Groupware is an application designed for organizing group work in different companies. The Collaboration System will help your clients to optimize business processes management, make them more transparent, and speed up decision making based on complete and accurate information.

Besides that, TeamWox Groupware stores all the information on your customers and the history of relationship with them, different internal documents, tasks and discussions of intranet forum. Now all these data are concentrated in a single place and are available to the end user from any location in the world.

TeamWox Collaboration Software is initially focused on small and medium size business (SMB). It comprises the principles of simplicity and convenience, and low cost of ownership. The important feature of TeamWox Groupware is its quick installation. The Business Management System doesn’t require any third-party programs, and you can start working in it immediately, “right here, right now”. The TeamWox Collaboration Software installation won’t take much time, so you’ll be able to proceed immediately to the most important step, i.e. the system introduction at your customer's company.


TeamWox Collaboration System contains all that is necessary to provide the efficient teamwork of any SMB company. The Groupware includes:

Personnel Department

Personnel Department (Employee Managment)

This module stores details of a company’s employees: positions, working experience, address, contacts, etc. An employee’s personal history can also store all relating documents: contract of employment, medical insurance card, diplomas, and so on. Employees’ time sheets and payment records are also kept here. This internal information is used for constructing the company structure that can be analyzed. Use of TeamWox Groupware in the operation of Personal Management Department allows increasing the company’s efficiency to the absolutely new level.


Task Manager

This module is designed for the fast exchange of collaboration information during the teamwork. Employees are free to place tasks to each other, monitor their execution and control them. This is a perfect tool for a quick solution of small tasks within a team of employees, as well as for self-organization – the Task Manager module can be used as a personal organizer. For the operation convenience various multimedia (video, audio and graphical files) and working (text documents, tables, PDF, etc.) material can be attached to tasks. This is the best place for quick collaborate solution of daily problems.


Document Management (DocFlow)

This is the place for collaborate processing of documents. The whole document flow can be concentrated here. This will save you from piles of papers and documentation chaos. Using the elaborate system of access permissions, you can efficiently configure almost any document management system. With the version-support built into the TeamWox Collaboration System, teamwork on documents becomes easier and faster, while with the visa system documents get quickly approved, saving you much time and effort. With TeamWox Collaboration System, the quick and efficient teamwork on documents is becoming a reality.


Email Agent

Email is an integral part of our teamwork. With TeamWox Collaboration System, there is no need to use different email agents, because the Groupware's email system possesses all the necessary functions. Moreover, the email is now connected with the entire Collaboration System. All the correspondence with customers and contacts is automatically detected and saved into the groupware's archive. Any documents stored in the business management system can be attached to an email by a click. Finally, TeamWox Groupware offers you a unique tool to help you quit forwarding copies of the same email to your co-workers – this is the system of assigned mails. The TeamWox Groupware email system is much more than just a mail agent.

Organizations and Contacts

Organizations and Contacts (Customer Relationship Management, CRM)

A database of all the company’s contractors (customers, suppliers, partners, and so on) is an integrate and extremely important part of the TeamWox Collaboration System. These modules in TeamWox Groupware render the customer relationship management function. Here you can keep all operations with your customers and partners. In the detailed database kept in TeamWox Collaboration System, you can enter any information on your customers, while all the relating documents, email correspondence, and chat communications are automatically saved in the groupware being then available from any location in the world. The built-in system of access permissions allows the flexible control the list of users responsible for external operations. Automatic reports on organizations help to define the general dynamics of your business, and see the most active managers. With TeamWox Collaboration System you can impose order on your entire business.


Message Board (Intranet, Corporate Forum)

Traditionally, not much attention is made to the internal policy efficiency. Company team usually communicate on meetings, via IMs or websites. Such communications take much time, and besides that they are insecure – confidential information can leak out of company. This problem finds a brilliant solution in the TeamWox Message Board (Corporate Forum). Share your opinion here, publish company news, and receive the precious feedback from your employees. It’s easy and absolutely secure in TeamWox Collaboration System.


Corporate Search Engine

The built-in search engine allows finding the necessary information on your team's work in a few seconds. TeamWox Groupware will help you quickly find a document, an email, task or any other data. Now you don’t have to waste much time searching for necessary information in your company archive.


Business Management Reports

Automatic business management reports will be your indispensable assistant in your teamwork. Not a second is wasted creating them. TeamWox Collaboration Software generates such reports for almost all modules, reflecting the current state of your business, saving you both time and money.

Chat and Online Assistant

Corporate Chat and Customer Support Chat

Nowadays, communications between team members via instant messengers (ICQ, Skype, MSN, etc.) take much time in any modern company. Very often they exchange confidential information or chat with other team members. Now you can eliminate all these problems by enabling the TeamWox Groupware Chat for your working team. They will communicate only with each other via the protected network which will prevent from information leak. Moreover, integrate the Chat with your website to offer a new convenient customer support tool to your clients. The chat correspondence will be automatically saved in the archive of the TeamWox Collaboration System. TeamWox Chat is a modern protected tool for chatting and rendering support services to your customers.

Service Desk

Corporate Service Desk & Customers Support HelpDesk

This tool is designed to help you solve various problems. The scheme of working in this module resembles that of Tasks. However, there are some essential distinctions: all incoming requests are distributed between strictly set service groups, different categories of requests are used, and handling of all requests is controlled by their authors. Besides, the HelpDesk module can be integrated with a website - this will be another tool to support your clients. HelpDesk is a perfect tool to solve and control appearing problems of your workteam and customers.


Accounting and e-Bank (MoneyFlow, Corporate Finance)

The Accounting module is designed for keeping and analyzing financial operations of your business. This is the perfect tool for a company management to trace the state of financial affairs with company's contractors. Based on this information the module generates automatic reports that show the up-to-date information on your corporate finance. For the automation of Accounting processes, we've developed the eBank module. It automatically connects to your bank, downloads data on all payments from indicated accounts and automatically detects them. Accounting in TeamWox Collaboration System is always up-to-date and true information and a valuable assistant in your business.

TeamWox SDK

TeamWox Software Development Kit (SDK)

TeamWox Groupware is an extendable platform, which includes an SDK (Software Development Kit, a package for developing your own applications). With this package, you can adjust the collaboration system to the end users’ personal needs, or integrate TeamWox Groupware with other systems. You can also use the package for creating additional modules for TeamWox Business Management Software. Going forward, you could distribute them on a paid basis and make an extra profit.

Program Development

TeamWox Groupware never stops developing. The main development vector is set by users, of course. Upon their requests and suggestions, we fix bugs and expand the collaboration system functionality. On average, TeamWox Collaboration Software is updated every week.

Apart from working upon users’ requests, we keep on implementing our own plans concerning the collaboration system development. Currently we work on three two modules: Business Processes and Projects.

  • Business Processes are intended for organizing and controlling work within various processes. Tasks, documents and responsible employees will be bound with business processes. The efficiency of business processes will be reflected in automatically generated reports.
  • Projects allow organizing efficient performance of interrelated operations subject to a common target. For each project, you can allocate resources (form a working team, budget and so on), set and control its objectives, appoint responsible executors, and so on. Naturally, certain reports will be generated for this module to allow you to evaluate the course of the project from different points of view.

We are planning to complete these modules within six months.

System Requirements

Installation and integration of TeamWox Groupware is quite a simple procedure. However, if you have any questions, please read detailed instructions on TeamWox Groupware installation.

The TeamWox collaboration system is a web-server application that is installed on computers with the MS Windows operating system. No extra applications shall be needed to access the system. To enter TeamWox groupware, you’ll need only a usual web browser: FireFox 3.5, IE 8, Chrome, Opera 10.

To install the TeamWox Groupware's server, please allocate a computer with the following parameters:

  • MS Windows XP SP2, 2003 Server, Vista, Seven
  • 2 GHz Pentium 4 or higher
  • 1 GB RAM or higher