TeamWox Software Development Kit (SDK)

Become a developer of modules for TeamWox Groupware and get the additional income

Do you have the knowledge of and the experience in software development? If yes, then you could gain money on TeamWox Groupware. TeamWox includes the Software Development Kit (SDK) that can be used for creating add-ons for the collaboration system. Going forward, you could distribute them on a paid basis and get profits.

We don't set any limits to the developments of modules in any way nor intervene into them. You can feel free to create modules both extending the functionality of the collaboration software and adapting it to the needs of certain branches or even specific companies. Our staff is always glad to help developers, we are ready to publish your developments free of charge on this website. The following information should be provided: your company's name and contact details, prices, as well as the information about your services and developments.

Any registered user can become a developer of modules and sell them via our website. In your profile you will see all the information about orders for your modules, your sales and profit. All you need to do in order to become a developer and start developing modules is to download TeamWox SDK and send your module for publishing.