Becoming a SaaS Provider is Easy!

Become our partner, start distributing TeamWox in the "Software as a Service" mode and increase your profitability!

What is SaaS?

"Software as a Serviсe" (SaaS) is a rather new concept of software distribution. The basis of this concept entails that an end-client is not required to purchase the software but uses its functions and services for a fee. Practically, it is a leasing of functions of a software application.

With the SaaS model, the software is installed at the side of the provider so  the client can connect to it over the Internet. Such a solution allows the client to avoid a number of issues such as buying a server, buying the software, setting up the software and providing for its maintenance. All these responsibilities are now handled by the provider.

TeamWox SaaS: Client gets only those neeeded functions!

In addition to all the above, SaaS option provides for another solution - the client can start using the new functions immediately! Once the necessary initial payment is settled, the end-user obtains immediate access to the system and can start using it.

Thus, SaaS for the end-user is a hassle-free choice of a software deployment. Necessary functions are acquired immediately, and the end-user is not concerned with the related costs as well as the problems of maintaining the infrastructure of the system anymore.

TeamWox SaaS Provider

The access to TeamWox in the SaaS mode is paid monthly and the fee to be charged depends on the number of users in the system. Additionally, the SaaS provider charges a fee to the end-users and pays a monthly fee to MetaQuotes Software Corp. of only 5 dollars! The end cost to the client and the list of additional services is determined by the provider.

A free TeamWox is provided for 2 months for the demonstration of its features to clients!

5 dollars for each user is the license fee we require from the provider. For this fee the provider has the right to distribute TeamWox in the SaaS mode to any of its clients. At the same time, our company pledges to constantly update and develop the software. In addition, this fee includes our technical support of end-users.

Becoming TeamWox SaaS provider is easy: all you need is hardware and licenses

The provider prepares for the provision of the service, acquires the required TeamWox licenses, includes the commercial service to the existing portfolio of services and proposes it to the end-users. The expenses of the provider are minimal, and the benefits are remarkable!

All you need to become a SaaS provider is to sign the partnership agreement with our company. Once this is done, you can start distributing and profiting from this unique offering!

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