Digital Receptionist

In the "Telephony" module you you can customize the digital receptionist for incoming calls and and their routing. You can record your own voice message to greet your customers or use the standard message. You can also configure button controls for the digital receptionist. For example, after pressing "1" the caller is connected to an operator, and when after press "2" - with a specific department.

Digital receptionist settings are very flexible and allow you to customize voice menus of any complexity.

Digital Receptionist

Setting Up the Digital Receptionist

To add a new configuration of the digital receptionist, click "Add digital receptionist" at the top of the tab. When you finish editing, click the "Save" button at the top of the tab. To remove a digital receptionist configuration, move the cursor on it and click the Delete button that appears at the end of the line.

In the "Setup Example" section, you can find a detailed description of how to set up a multi-level digital receptionist.

The following parameters are set up for the digital receptionist:

Name ― the name of the digital receptionist configuration.

Audio file ― to select an audio file to be played for calls received by the digital receptionist, click "Select the audio file". You can use any WAV and MP3 files.

Key ― here you can assign a telephone key to be pressed by the caller to perform the specified action. Place the cursor in the field and enter a number from 0 to 9 or character +, * or #. For example, we can set up that pressing 1 will transfer the call to a specific department or extension. Description of the keys should be included in the auto message of the digital receptionist.

Action ― select here an action that should be performed after the caller presses the specified key:

Quit / Return ― complete the current digital receptionist configuration and return to the previous, if there us one. The latter situation is possible if the digital receptionist was enabled by the "Transfer to digital receptionist" action in a different setting.

Connect with users ― transfer to the users specified in the box to the right.

Transfer to digital receptionist ― switch to a different configuration of digital receptionist. This feature can be used, for example, when there are bot enough phone keys to program all the necessary actions.

Forward to number ― transfer the call to the number specified in the field to the right.

Repeat ― repeat the voice message for this digital receptionist.

Parameters ― if the "Connected with users" action is selected, then users and groups to forward the call to are specified in this box. The call will be routed simultaneously to all users. The connection will be established with the first user who responds to the call. If "Transfer to digital receptionist" is selected, specify here a different digital receptionist configuration that will be enabled.

To delete a digital receptionist configuration, click Delete at the end of the line. Using the Test button you can test the digital receptionist using TeamWox Communicator. Once you press it, a test call answered by the selected receptionist will be performed.

At any time of digital receptionist operation, an extension number can be dialed. After that the call will be transferred automatically. In connection with this feature, the first digits of extension numbers may not coincide with digital commands that are configured for the digital receptionist. For example, the extension numbers may begin with 1 (100, 1017, etc.), and for the digital receptionist control you can assign all the remaining numbers and symbols except 1.

If no keys are pressed, after 10 seconds the voice message of the digital receptionist is repeated again.