One of the important stages of the organization of your corporate telephony is to set up the extensions in the telephone network. For calls between employees through the TeamWox Communicator this setting is required. However, for the automatic routing of external calls to users, extension numbers should be assigned to them. By calling the corporate number and entering the extension number, the caller will be connected with a necessary party.

Extensions are configured on this tab. The tab shows the list of all active TeamWox users.


Users that are currently connected through the TeamWox Communicator, are displayed with a bright icon Online user. Offline users appear with a gray icon Offline user. The list also displays the extension number of the user, if any.

Configuring Extensions

To configure an extension, click on the column of the extension status and number or click on the Edit button which appears when you hover the mouse over the line.

Editing an extension

Extension Number

On this page you can specify the extension number to be used for external calls to this user. By dialing this number in addition to the phone number given by the provider, the caller is automatically connected to the user.

The extension number can be dialed at any time of the call, including during the voice message of the digital receptionist. In connection with this feature, the first digits of extension numbers may not coincide with digital commands that are configured for the digital receptionist. For example, the extension numbers may begin with 1 (100, 1017, etc.), and for the digital receptionist control you can assign all the remaining numbers and symbols except 1.

After editing extension settings, click "Save". Click on the user name below a photo to view his or her Profile.