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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 318

AgentRX 09/04/2009 18:44 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: New version of the graphical reports component. Here the following changes have been made:
    - zooming of a chart part;

    Zooming of a graphical chart part

    - full-screen mode;
    - printing;
    - saving as an image (in *.png format).

    The context menu of graphical reports and charts

  2. Server: Added options for resuming downloading and multi-thread downloading of attached files and documents using downloader (FlashGet, Download Master, etc.). This option is not yet available in the eMail Client.
  3. Server: Added displaying of the currently selected module name in the page header.
  4. WYSIWYG Editor: Fixed errors of text formating in the Firefox browser.
  5. WYSIWYG Editor: Fixed the error of failing to cancel text changes after inserting a fragment from the clipboard.
  6. Multimedia Viewer: Fixed error resulting in failing to show an image.
  7. Multimedia Viewer: Fixed printing of a rotated image.
  8. Products: Added import of product lists with the automatic creation of filters and sorting of products by these filters.
  9. Contacts: Added import of client base (only personal contacts as yet).
  10. Message Board (Forum): Added setting of the time limit for deleting messages by users having no administration in the "Editing Comments" system parameter.
  11. MetaTrader 4: Added support of the advanced authorization on a trade server.
  12. Team (HR management): Added the Personnel Department (human resource department) permission with the possibility to modify personal (first name, surname, position, etc.) and contact (address, post code, phone number, etc.) details of an employee.
  13. Accounting: Added a new permission for document approving.
  14. Accounting: Added direct links to payers/suppliers and receivers in forms of payment and invoice editing.

The live update Build 318 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

Financial Modules (Moneyflow) in TeamWox Business Management Software

It is often difficult for a director or manager of a company to gain a full understanding of documentation, which is devoted to financial operations. Many organizations leave all of the financial business to their book-keepers and accounting departments.The issue is easily resolved using the TeamWox system of organizations administration. This system allows for a simple management of financial flows, and an operational access to all of the necessary information.

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