Corporate Search system in TeamWox Software

Data storing, quick search and access to the corporate information are among the most important tasks of Business Management. Just imagine how much time is spent by your employees searching for a three year old agreement with your customer. This problem resulted in the appearance of expensive corporate search systems. Such a search system is already built into TeamWox Collaboration Software and is provided to you absolutely free.

In this groupware the search is made in all databases, in all modules. Using TeamWox Collaboration Software you can quickly find a necessary document, e-mail, task, customer or the forum topic. Besides, the morphological search function is implemented in this groupware. It means you enter a word and the search system start looking for all its variations. For example, you have entered the word "market". The system will search for "markets", "marketing", etc.

Of course, advanced search is also available. You can set certain time limits, indicate an author of a document or message, or assigned employees. Such a filtration system helps significantly limit search results and save your precious time.

With the TeamWox collaboration software you can quickly find any necessary information without having to draw your employees away from their work.

Use TeamWox Corporate Search Engine!

Corporate search tools in TeamWox Software