Terms of delivery of the TeamWox Collaboration Software

You purchase TeamWox Groupware and install it on your own hardware. The total price of the system depends on the number of users.

Active Accounts (max)
Base Price (US$)
+ first year Update and Support Subscription
Annual Update and Support
Subscription (US$)
cost per additional account 150
unlimited version (>120)
 18 000
 3 600

The TeamWox Collaboration Software license already includes one year's subscription to all the system updates and our full support service (via customers forum, helpdesk, chat, telephone). The annual Update and Support subscription cost is 20% of the product price. Not continuing with the subscription after the first year will pervent your TeamWox from being further updated with any additional functionality that gets added plus you will only be able to get limited customer support via our official forum.

In order to fully familiarize yourself with TeamWox Collaboration Software you can download and install the trial version of TeamWox for free during 2 months. It is not limited by the number of users or functionality, except for the trial period of 2 months. Upon completion of the period, you will be able to switch to another version with all your existing data remaining intact.

Attention: You can easily increase the number of users in your TeamWox Business Management Software, just send us an order with your domain, contact details and type of the license you wish to purchase. When upgrading from the trial to the commercial version, you will need to pay for the total number of users. A single account costs $150, making the price for 11 user accounts $1 650. For further expansion, you will need to pay only for additional accounts. For example, when upgrading from 11 to 20 accounts, you will have to pay $1 350 instead of $3 000 needed when purchasing a new system.

Where to buy TeamWox Collaboration Software?

You can purchase TeamWox directly from this website or from any of our TeamWox partners. If you purchase the TeamWox Business Management Software from our partner, you'll be able to order any additional services. Our partners will be happy to help you install your software, introduce you to the system, train your staff, add more functions to TeamWox or integrate it with other software. These options are available at additional cost, though they will help streamline the deployment process.

If you don't require any assistance, you can purchase TeamWox Business Management Software directly from this website. Although this may be a more cost effective way of getting TeamWox Groupware you will need to handle the software integration, setup and staff training.