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Business reporting software

It is impossible to manage any company without precise and authentic data about the current state of affairs. All this information is presented to a company management in the form of business reports. Usually, for getting a report, you set a task and you employee wastes some time preparing a business report for you. His or her colleague from another department also invests time into another report. And as it often happens, it is impossible to compare reports of different departments so it is hard to see the whole picture and its hard to manage your business.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said about business management reports in TeamWox Collaboration Software. First of all, TeamWox's company management reports are automatic and for getting them, you do not have to draw employees from their work. Secondly, being the part of one groupware reports are well coordinated. Thirdly, concentrating all the information in one business management system you can get a general report on the whole company. Fourthly, due to automation, at each moment of time a report in TeamWox Groupware is updated.

In TeamWox reporting system you will find various reports from employees' attendance to their working efficiency in their cooperation with customers. Besides, there are reports on customer bases that can be used for marketing researches and marketing planning. The reporting system in TeamWox Groupware is a new method of working with actual information - the automatic method, which is quicker and much more convenient.

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Business intelligence tools

Accounting and e-Bank (MoneyFlow, Corporate Finance)

Often a company head wishes to skim over the company's money flows without going into financial details. In TeamWox Business Management Software this information can be obtained from the Accounting module. This system for invoice issuing and payment registration is a real help when you dig into your business financial transactions. The TeamWox Business Management Software is designed for keeping information on all financial operations of a company. A separate book is created for each project, where all financial operations are distributed. In Accounting you can quickly obtain information on payments with any of your customers, suppliers or partners. Like in the whole TeamWox Groupware, automated business reports are generated to reflect data on organizations, clients and products. Accounting being integrated with Organizations (customers data base), it's as easy as that!

Online accounting software

Another useful feature of the Accounting module is the so called "periodicity". Almost every company has to deal with invoices that need to be issued regularly - daily, weekly, quarterly or annually. In TeamWox Business Management Software all you need to do is specify the periodicity in the invoice details, and as the time comes, the invoice will be automatically changed. Instead of creating a new account each time, make a single one, set up periodicity and forget about it.

For the automation of Accounting processes, we've developed the e-Bank module (bridge to the banking software). It automatically connects to one or more electronic bank's software and virtual payment systems (WebMoney, PayPal, etc), downloads data on all payments from indicated accounts and automatically detects them. The "e-Bank" module is closely tied to the "Accounting" module and allows for the tuning of the routing codes of the received transactions. This results in the fact that transactions are automatically paired with the correct payments and organizations.

For the accounting department this means that it is no longer necessary to make daily trips to the bank for invoices, monitor the money flow through the checking accounts, and regularly check on the bank-client software. And sales managers will always have access to the latest information about the invoices and payments of their customers.

With TeamWox Groupware control over finances is easy as never before!

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Online reporting in TeamWox business management system