Online email client program (WebMail) for collaborative work

E-mail has become so popular that we cannot imagine any collaboration and teamwork without it. It is probably the most popular tool for communication with customers and suppliers. TeamWox Groupware contains the e-mail module too, but now it is bound with the whole collaboration system! And in the teamwork this feature is extremely useful.

Like in any mail agent (for example, MS Outlook Express), TeamWox Collaboration Software can create any accounts and receive e-mails from several addresses at the same time. Here you can also set up filters that will help you to automatically sort emails. But this is not the main thing.

In TeamWox Groupware each member of your work team also has a mailbox called "Assigned". There one gets emails assigned to him or her by other team mates. For example, to solve a customer's problem you need the advice of a certain employee. Now you do not forward the email to him or her, but assign it as a task. And you can see what reply your specialist sends to the customer. You also can first discuss the topic with the member of your work group and only then send a reply. If necessary, you can assign the email to other employees or even departments of your company.

The combining of the email agent with the collaboration system gives one more advantage. Directly in the TeamWox Groupware you can attach any file stored in the Documents Management module. Besides, the advanced document-sharing system helps you forget about such a popular "it-is-not-the-latest-version-of-document" problem.

Finally, the most important advantage is that all your correspondence with a customer is automatically saved in the Organizations and Contacts modules (CRM Modules). Remember you assigned an e-mail to a specialist? In the Organizations module you can easily find the correspondence with a certain customer and estimate the work of your employees or team mates.

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