TeamWox Task Manager - easy and quick team work efficiency

This module is used for promptly assigning tasks to your employees and controlling of team work. A problem occurs? Set a task, assign persons responsible and watch how the task is fulfilled. In task manager you can hold various discussions, publish images, audio and video files. This will help you to solve appearing problems quicker and more efficiently.

As distinct from usual communication means (e-mail, telephones, instant messengers) Tasks in TeamWox Groupware have one more advantage when solving business problems. After a telephone conversation with your colleague, you can't rely only on your memory when recalling the details of this talk. E-mails and instant messengers save the history of communication, but it is very uncoordinated and searching for it takes much time.

Tasks in TeamWox are void of this disadvantage. After closing a task you will be able to find it in an archive of tasks list and watch all its details: who exactly participated in this team work, how it was held, what decision was made. And if necessary you will be able to raise this task once again.

Automated Task Manager's reporting system helps you to estimate the labor productivity of your team. You will always know who of your employees puts the most effort into the job, whose work makes the largest contribution to your company business. With task reports in TeamWox Groupware, analyzing team work efficiency will become much easier and quicker.

See how Tasks work in TeamWox Groupware Demo!

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