Collaboration Software and a Transparency of Business Management

Any modern company will always have a substantial number of daily business tasks, as well as various projects that need to be planned, implemented and controlled. Through effective collaboration and teamwork the company's success and profitability are ensured.

Business  Management in a Collaboration Sosftware is Easy

Telephones, e-mail and instant messengers are considered to be the normal way of delegating tasks and monitoring their execution. Unfortunately, this way of collaboration is ineffective. Solving a problem results in dozens of email messages, phone calls, long discussions in chat and personal conversations. The whole process ends up distributed between many different applications. Trying to remember who suggested a solution and under what circumstances simply takes too long and in the process, a piece of valuable information may get lost.

A much simpler solution would be to use TeamWox Collaboration Software for this purpose. Instead of using numerous communication channels, you really only need one – the Task Manager in TeamWox Groupware. You can be sure that you will always be able to find all latest news about the solution to a particular business problem. Now you can delegate tasks to your employees, control the execution and promptly make changes or amendments if they become necessary. You can always keep track of the history of your team during the whole problem solving process.

The system of fully-automated built-in company management reports allows you to control your business at an entirely new level. Directly within TeamWox Groupware, you can generate reports on the productivity of all your employees, how successfully they are achieving the stated business objectives, how they are working with clients, etc. You can always track the current progress of the specific projects in your company and be always in total control of the situation.

Forget about fragmented information and the lack of reliable, timely data - TeamWox Business Management System allows total transparency in solving production problems and gives you a clear picture of the situation in your company.

Efficient Document Management (DocFlow)

Every day we process a large number of documents, a task usually involving different departments, with several people collaborating on the same document. That's what is called a docflow and the whole process usually causes serious delays in the preparation of the final version of the document.

Efficient Documents Management (Docflow)

Imagine having to continuously wait for corrections from your colleagues and ending up with a number of different drafts of the same document that all need to be merged into the final version. "Red tape" and the "this-is-not-the-final-version" problems further complicate this kind of collaboration. The actual time it usually takes to prepare such a document is substantially more than it ought to be.

TeamWox's Document Management System allows you to organize an effective way to work with documents and avoid many of the problems that can occur. In TeamWox Groupware, you have a simple and clear documents structure. You can upload any files to the server and work with them. The document version control system allows all your team mates to work with documents simultaneously and forget about the "this-is-not-the-last-version" problem. You and your colleagues can make changes in the final version of a document. You can finally say goodbye to "red tape", as well as throw out piles and piles of paper whilst solving the problem of merging all the different versions of a document, each with input from different employees. Forget about the paperwork problems and start working as an effective team.

TeamWox Groupware can be accessed from any place in the world. Once you have uploaded a document to the system, you can always open it wherever you are. This also relates to all tasks, clients, contacts and the intranet forum (Board). TeamWox Business Management System becomes your unified storage for all your information, keeping you informed about everything that is happening in your company at any time.

Forming a Consistent Customer Relationship Policy (CRM)

The customer is always a VIP for any company. The economic success of your company directly depends on the quality of your Customer Service. All too often the sales department lives separately from the accountants' office and the customer relations department. Sales managers have their own client bases and their own reports, whilst other departments have completely different information about the same customers.

Effective Customer Relationship Policy (CRM)

Some operations are duplicated within separate departments of a company, often their business reports don't conform and it is impossible to get a clear picture of what is really happening. With so much uncoordinated data, you cannot quickly look through the history of your relationship with a particular customer. For example, if a customer contacts one of your employees, he or she can be completely unaware of any preceding discussions, meetings, correspondence or verbal agreements with that customer.

With this level of inconsistency when working with clients there is a reduction of the general efficiency of the whole company. TeamWox Collaboration Software allows you to work far better with clients, as well as making market analysis much easier.

TeamWox Groupware enables you to replace a number of client bases with only unified one. Employees from different departments no longer need to put information about the same clients in their applications any more, this allows you to concentrate all data about a customer in one place so that your staff are fully aware of the full history of your relationship with this client. They can work with customer consistently and offer them exactly what they need. Reporting becomes easier too, a united customer database makes it much simpler to guage the efforts of individual employees in serving each client, as well as measuring the quality of after sale services.

Effective Internal Policy and PR

Effective Internal Policy and PR

A company is a living corporate organism. Each person in your team responds differently to the various actions and decisions of company management. Sometimes the steps taken by management are not welcomed, so additional explanation of the situation is needed. This could be done by calling a staff meeting, which would disrupt the whole company for several hours. What can you do if you have branches in other cities or even other countries? You could also send a message to everybody concerned, though in this case, employees feedback could be difficult or not so open as necessary. That's a very ineffective Internal Policy or Internal PR Management.

TeamWox Groupware is really suited for such situations. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get your vision of business task across to each employee and get full and rapid employee feedback. Each person in your company can express his or her opinion on any matter under discussion. Using TeamWox Groupware, you can promptly inform the whole staff about the latest developments, successes and failures of your business.

Corporate newspapers, newsletters and meetings are are all a thing of the past – they are no longer efficient for business management and internal PR anymore. These specific means of communication rarely if ever provide an acceptable level of feedback, so you never get to know what your staff really think. TeamWox Business Management Softwareeliminates this problem, considerably reducing the distance between you and your colleagues. It allows you to communicate with your employees in the full sense of the word, not merely informing them about something.

Cost Cutting and Gain in Productivity

Boosting Business Productivity

TeamWox Business Management Software completely optimizes many production processes within your company. Nonproductive operations are excluded from routine work, whilst other business operations become more effective. Less time is spent on bureaucracy and the whole work-flow process becomes more streamlined. Less time is spent needing to physically monitor the activities of employees or on following the latest developments in the company or searching the necessary data.

With TeamWox Collaboration Software, everybody in the company can get more done in the same period of time. This increases the productivity of each individual employee and of the company as a whole, whilst the operational costs are reduced. By gradually optimizing all of your production processes, your business becomes much more efficient and competitive.

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