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A data base of all customers and contacts is very important for company`s managers and salesmen. It is always very convenient to have all contact information including telephone numbers, addresses, fax numbers and others always at hand. And it would be even more convenient to have all documents connected with a customer as well as other useful information. You get all this with TeamWox Business Management Software!

In this module you can keep a detailed database of all your clients and suppliers: addresses, contact persons. You can also store here all documents, emails and discussions connected with a certain client. In TeamWox Business Management System the full history of your cooperation with a customer is always available.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Of course, you can set up different access rights for your customer information. For example, you can entrust working with VIP customer to experienced managers only. While your other sales managers will not know about the existence of such a group. In the case of the dismissal of an employee, with TeamWox Groupware, there is added security of being able to keep the customers contacts in the system.

What's even more important is that all members of your team will work with the same customers database. It's obviously up to you how you run business with your clients but in many companies one department is responsible for agreements, the other for support and the third one concentrates on the sales. Then each department must be having their own client database, their own history of communication with customers and their own reports. That's just too complicated, and this is where TeamWox Business Management Software comes in.

TeamWox Collaboration Software has the possibility to consolidate the information about your customers in a single place thus improving the team work of the whole company. No more numerous databases or inexact policy towards your customers. Now you can get single complete reports for the whole client base. With TeamWox Business Management Software this information will always be within your reach.

Automated reports for customers instantly show you the current state of affairs. You can see how many new clients you have got this month, who of your sales managers found the most of new customers, what clients decided to decline your company services and who of your managers is responsible for this. Now for obtaining such information you do not need to refer to different departments, suffer from delays or sabotage of your employees. All this is done automatically and instantly appears in TeamWox Business Management Software!

Check Customer Relationship Management in the Demo of TeamWox Business Management Software!

contacts and online sales management tools