Technical customer support software

Many companies have closed access to instant messengers for their staff, both for the sake of security and preventing time waste on non-work activities. True, via ICQ an employee can leak some strictly confidential information. As for the second reason - time spent on non-work chatting is enormous.

TeamWox Groupware offers you a built-in chat that can help you solve these team management problems. The chat provides absolutely secure communication to your employees; while you can be sure that all the confidential information will remain within your company, because all messages are encrypted. Besides this, the TeamWox Chat can operate as the online assistant (Customer Support Tool) feature, enabling your staff to communicate with clients and different organizations. Its very convenient for the purpose of customer support. All chat messages are logged and information is automatically saved in the history of your communication with a customer. So, you will be able to easily find the necessary information whenever you need it.

Service Desk with Customer Support Function (HelpDesk)

This is a tool for assigning, planning and controlling tasks and customer requests (HelpDesk). Teamwork here is divided into specially created service groups, which include employees responsible for certain projects (or products). Every group can contain different request categories according to their type, importance, etc., as well different products processed in this group.

The main difference of the Service Desk from the Tasks module is the strictly regulated problem processing. Control over the process in this help desk module is more formalized as compared to Tasks. The main purpose of Task Manager is the quick data interchange within your workgroup, while Service Desk is aimed at solving various problems and fulfillment of important tasks. And these processes are strictly controlled by moderators. And such a control over the process allows quickly solve both problems appearing within your company and those of your clients. The latter one is achieved by integrating the module with external websites.

Yes, you may build-in the TeamWox's Service Desk to your website and render the Customer Support Service for your clients! More over, customer requests will be stored in TeamWox Collaboration Software and will be available to your employees immediately.

With such an integration, clients can actively participate in the communication with your customer support team and follow the state of his/her request processing. Due to these possibilities, Service Desk is a perfect tool for a customer support team of any company.

Try Customer Support with ServiceDesk (Helpdesk) of TeamWox Collaboration Software's Demo!

Technical customer support software