TeamWox DocFlow system - Efficient document management

This module is designed for building an efficient documents management (DocFlow). Here you can store absolutely any documents in the electronic form: agreements, statements, scanned images and any other documents.

Version support system provided in TeamWox Collaboration Software make the teamwork with documents possible. Your employee creates a document and assigns it to you for signing. You make some amendments and return the document to the employee as requiring improvement. And this procedure can be repeated until you decide that the document is ready and put an "electronic signature" on it. The important feature of TeamWox Groupware is that you an your team always work with the latest version of a document. At the same time, all previous versions are stored in the Collaboration System as well.

All documents coming via e-mail, attached to tasks or board (Forum) comments can also be saved in Documents Management module. And vice versa - a document from this module can be sent in an e-mail, attached to a task or a comment in the board. Besides, documents can be associated with any organization or contact. So in future you will be able to easily find any document and study it.

Try Document Management in the Demo of TeamWox Documents Management System!

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