Business Telephone System - VOIP telephony PBX TeamWox

VoIP telephony module expands team work possibilities in your company. This solution allows you and your teammates to make calls within the company via IP protocol without any additional settings or modifications.

The module can also track statistical data on extensions, view recent calls and even work with the digital receptionist. You only need to connect a headset or a microphone with speakers to your PC to make calls. The application not only performs internal calls but also allows you to work with an external phone network. To do that, you should specify a VoIP telephony provider (including SIPNET, iBasis, inPhonex and Skype Connect).

Unique TeamWox Communicator Windows application extends the use of the module without the need to download a web browser. Most importantly, it accelerates information exchange between users in voice communication mode and promptly notifies about all current events and tasks in TeamWox system.

This module greatly improves the speed of decision-making, as well as interaction between employees and entire departments. One of the greatest features is that the module can be integrated into the existing TeamWox infrastructure allowing you to quickly establish the telephone connection in the entire company, no matter where its employees and departments are situated.

Test Corporate Telephone System with IP PBX TeamWox!