Corporate Social Tools: Intranet, forum, Live Chat, electronic calendar

Very often companies do not pay much attention to the "internal policy" and difficulties appear in this field. Employees do not always know what exactly the company management does, why they do it, and in what direction a company moves. TeamWox intranet forum is the most convenient place for the internal PR via which you can deliver all the company 's news and policy to each member of your working team.

It is also important to know the likings and preferences of people working in your company. It is the intranet forum where you can find the so called employee's feedback. Here you can learn more about your colleagues, timely detect possible problems and eliminate them.

Corporate Forum in TeamWox

Besides, the TeamWox intranet forum can become a substitute for the traditional hours-long meetings. You can organize team conferencing or create a separate section and conduct there discussions only among those who are needed for the solution of a problem. Other employees will know nothing about such secret conferences. Using the intranet forum you will easily find optimal solutions without having to distract team mates from their everyday work for several hours.

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Electronic calendar in TeamWox

Online Assistant (Chat)

Many companies have closed access to instant messengers for their staff, both for the sake of security and preventing time waste on non-work activities. True, via ICQ an employee can leak some strictly confidential information. As for the second reason - time spent on non-work chatting is enormous.

TeamWox Groupware offers you a built-in chat that can help you solve these team management problems. The chat provides absolutely secure communication to your employees; while you can be sure that all the confidential information will remain within your company, because all messages are encrypted. Besides this, the TeamWox Chat can operate as the online assistant (Customer Support Tool) feature, enabling your staff to communicate with clients and different organizations. Its very convenient for the purpose of customer support. All chat messages are logged and information is automatically saved in the history of your communication with a customer. So, you will be able to easily find the necessary information whenever you need it.

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