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Groupware - Online Team Collaboration Software

Iliya 07/07/2009 16:52 | #

Groupware is an Online Team Collaboration Software such as TeamWox

The main objective of Groupware - to implement effective interaction between employees and departments within the company. Teamwork in the company through TeamWox Business Management Software will optimize business processes and make them more transparent.

Advantages of TeamWox Groupware are:

  • Single information space as online storage for keeping all docs and records, files, emails, requests, online crm database and corporate information. Thanks to this work with information in the company becomes noticeably easier and convenient.
  • Automatic archiving and the ability to quickly find the required information or document.
  • Automatically generate business reports that help your find out what employee (staff) productivity and the quality of their work as executed plans for sales and other useful information.
  • Collaboration  and email client organically linked with the whole system, gets rid of sending piles of identical letters. Through the concept of Groupware to each message you can attach a file of documents and correspondence is attached to a specific counterparty.
  • Online teamworks with documents, which will save you from unnecessary paper on the table, from the heap and copies of various versions of the same document. With document in TeamWox Groupware you always have to deal with the latest version of the document, while the previous will be stored in the system.

As a result of the use of TeamWox Online Team Collaboration Software enables the company to significantly reduce the bureaucratic problems, raise employee productivity and reduce costs. The online team collaboration software - is an opportunity to put your company on track efficient and competitive labor.

Setting up the access to the TeamWox Collaboration System from the Internet

This article will help you set up connections to the TeamWox groupware from the Internet.

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