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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 510

alexey 22/09/2009 11:52 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: To provide flexibility when adding permissions, reading assignments to users, added the possibility to open the users list of a group in the control element.

    Opening the users list of a group in the control element The users list of a group in the control element

  2. Server: Optimized the TeamWox Groupware interfaces to operate in netbooks. When the TeamWox Groupware page is loaded on a device with the screen resolution of less than 768, the header height is reduced.

    The header of the TeamWox collaboration system

  3. Server: To make the adding or editing of comments easier and quicker, added the hot-key support. Now a comment can be saved by the press of Ctrl+Enter hot keys combination.

  4. Server: Added the check of the SSL server certificate presence at TeamWox Groupware launch. If the certificate is not found, it will be installed from the TeamWox Groupware license file. This simplifies the transfer of the TeamWox Groupware server onto another server.

  5. Server: For the Online Customer Support Live Chat and Service Desk (Helpdesk, Bugtracking) fixed the error of processing non-authenticated (public) HTTP requests to TeamWox buiness management software appearing in the integration with a company's websites. With the enabled authentication by clients certificates (the All groups permission: Server -> Authenticate by CA certificate) clients certificates were requested at the receipt of a public HTTP request which resulted in the failure to view integrated modules on a website in some web browsers (for example, Apple Safari).

  6. Server: Added recording of detailed messages into a log in case of problems with or absence of configuration files (config/*.ini) during the server start process.

  7. Server: Fixed error in saving the setup of a maximal size of a file transmittable to the TeamWox Groupware server - earlier a value less than 128 Mb could not be set. Now the minimal allowed value is 1 Mb.

  8. Server: Fixed error with personal setup of alert sounds in the online collaboration software. The sounds specified in personal settings were not played after the server restart.

  9. Server: Added the command for inserting a horizontal line when editing a text in the visual editor.

    Inserting a horizontal line in editing a text

  10. Server: Added the adjustable support of video hostings when inserting a video in the visual editor (file config/videohosting.ini).

  11. Server: To improve the convenience of visual editor use, links starting from mailto: (for example, mailto:exsupport(at) inserted into a text are replaced by links to the new email writing page in the eMail Client.

  12. Server: Improved the convenience of the multimedia player (used for images, video, charts, etc.). Added indicators of content loading: an icon is showed when loading an image, the load percentage is shown when loading contents using Adobe Flash. Earlier a white window was shown when loading a large content, that could look like an error.

  13. Server: To expand the functionality in reports creation, the possibility to insert links into axes titles is added in the Charts (business reports).

    TeamWox business report: Count -Users

  14. Server: To expand the set of components that can be used by developers when creating their own TeamWox collaboration software modules, the flash component for building business reports as an interactive table is transferred to the Server (/res/flash/worktime.sfw). This component is used in the TeamWox Team to visualize the worktime accounting (timesheet) in the Task Manager to build the "Task traffic" report.

  15. Diagram Editor: Added the possibility to use styles of one object when creating or modifying another one. Added command for copying objects and styles.

    Diagram Editor - the command for copying objects and styles

  16. Diagram Editor: Added the translation language - English.

  17. Diagram Editor: Fixed errors in the Visual Editor operation.

  18. Search Engine: For the convenience of searching the information connected with dismissed employees, in the expanded search added the possibility to select such users in the Author and Assigned parameters.

    Search Engine - selection dismissed employees in the Author and Assigned parameters.

  19. Task Manager: To provide the flexibility of permissions setup when working with tasks, added the possibility of selecting the task auther as a responsible user. This allows to prohibit other users to change the list of assigned users.

  20. Task Manager: To enhance the managers possibilities to control the activities of subordinate departments, added the possibility to view tasks assigned to subordinate departments. This list shows tasks added to the department and all divisions inferior to the department to which the user belongs or which it heads. To enable the viewing of subordinate departments' tasks, the "View tasks of subordinate departments" permissions for the Task Manager should be enabled for the manager.

    The View tasks of subordinate departments permissions for Task manager

    The filter of tasks of subordinate departments in Task manager

  21. Task Manager: To enhance a managers possibilities in controlling the activities of subordinate departments, added the possibility to use the users working activity: added the new "Task traffic" report showing the user's activity in terms of created and received tasks assigned to the user or team, to which the user belongs.
    This business report can be viewed by a click on a users name in the general report by Task Manager.
    Month days with holiday delimitations are shown along the vertical axis. Horizontally, hours from 0 to 23 are shown. A square is colored when a task visible to the user is shown on this day/hour. The figure shown when pointing a mouse cursor to the square denotes the number of tasks. The colors: blue - outgoing tasks, red - incoming tasks, gray - personal tasks with no assigned users selected. Filtration by all, personal, assigned or collaboration tasks is available.

    The Task manager's report - Task trafficTask Manger - the user's activity in terms of created and received tasks 

  22. Task Manager: The "View tasks" permission is removed from the list of permissions to make the module setup easier and eliminate confusion. The Task Manager module permission now indicates the permission to view tasks.

  23. Task Manager: When saving a task, fixed the error resulting in the total re-indexing of all the task comments which could result in the slow-down of TeamWox business management system operation when the number of comments is large.

  24. Documents: Due to the increased amount of information connected with a document and with the purpose of making the Document Management module use more convenient, the viewing and editing of the information is now implemented on a separate page instead of a window. In order to view the details, use the Information command on the line with the document name. Execution of this command opens the page with several sections: common info, state of documents for signature and reading, permissions, document versions. The information in this section can be changed using the corresponding commands of a pop-up menu (provided corresponding permissions are set).

    Documents - the icon for the viewing information about a document

    Documents - the viewing and editing of the information of the document

  25. Documents: To widen the possibilities of document interchange implementation, added the page to show the documents history. On this page, users can leave comments or explanations (for example, when rejecting a document). All actions with documents are now registered in the history: adding of a new version, assigning the document to users, rejection etc.

    Documents profile - the viewing of the history of the document

  26. eMail Client: To make the copying of links to an email easier (for inserting into comments, task texts or organization history) added the showing of the email identifier and the permanent link to the email.

    The showing of the e-mail identifier in eMail Client

  27. eMail Client: To improve the navigation through the lists of emails and chains, added the possibility to search an email by its identifier - the number/identifier of an email should be entered in the search engine field (for example, #34782).

    The possibility to search an email by its identifier in eMail Client

  28. eMail Client: Fixed the error of email cashing that could lead to the incorrect representation of the list of emails.

  29. Message Board (Forum): Fixed the error of time limitation of the message editing or deleting by its author. Now the time for editing or deleting a message is calculated on the basis of the "Comment editing" parameter in the server settings (Administration -> Settings). The board category administrator can modify or delete a message at any moment.

  30. Organizations: Added the page with the print version for the information about the organization.

  31. Contacts: Added the page with the print version for the information about the contact.

  32. Organizations: To improve the detection of organizations according to incoming mail addresses, added the setup of public mail services like, etc. The addresses on the specified domains will not be taken into account when searching an organization. The list is set up in the module parameters setup page at Administration -> Modules -> Organizations -> Configure.

  33. Organizations, Contacts, Products: Fixed errors connected with permissions in these modules. Errors could lead to the confusion in command interpretation in the users interface.

  34. Contacts: To provide the flexibility of filters setup and improve the convenience of the Contacts (crm elements) use, added the possibility to indicate the Status field in filtration rules.

  35. Contacts: To expand possibilities of a certain contact description, added the Accountant flag. Later on, this field will be used to identify a contact for sending invoices from the Accounting module by email.

    The Accountant flag in a contact description

  36. Team: Added the page with the print version for the information about a user.

  37. Team: When making calls from the Calls widget of the user's info tooltip, the phone number specified in the Softphone (SIP) field of the contact details page in the user's profile are taken into account. If this field is empty, the phone number in the Work phone field is used to make the call.

  38. Team: Added the "Start month" command for the whole list of employees (personnel, staff), not only when viewing the payments to a certain user. This command makes the process of payments info adding for a new month much easier. This command copies the information of all users' payments of a selected month to a new month. After that a responsible user can simply correct data if necessary.

    Team module - users' payments of a selected month

  39. Team: For the convenience of viewing the list of users that are currently online in TeamWox Groupware System, the "Hide Offline" command is added on the organization structure page. The "Show all" command is used for showing the whole list of employees (personnel, staff).

  40. Chat: To improve the online customer support live chat use convenience, the assigned tab is closed for the user who is not included into the modified list of assigned.

  41. Accounting: To improve the convenience of the module use in countries with different rules of invoice composing, added the possibility to disable VAT.

  42. MetaTrader 4: Added the possibility to disable the synchronization of trades and daily reports. In this case only clients and their open positions are available. This allows to reduce the load to the TeamWox server. The synchronization of trades can be disabled if your company uses TeamWox only for the feedback with your clients, storing the list of applications and you don't need to monitor orders in TeamWox Business Management System. The synchronization parameters are set up at Administration -> Modules -> MetaTrader4 -> Configure.

  43. MetaTrader 4: Fixed errors in the re-synchronization of the clients base and adding of log messages when synchronizing clients and groups.

  44. MetaTrader 4: Fixed error that could appear when restarting the MetaTrader 4 server to which the TeamWox Groupware module is connected. The error could result in the module freeze.

  45. Service Desk (Helpdesk): For the use convenience, added the visual representation of an incident with the "Closed" status. Incidents with such a status are shown with the dark background.

  46. Service Desk (Helpdesk): For the more convenient processing of new or modified incidents, links to the previous and next unread comment are added into the page header.

    Service Desk - links to the previous and next unread comment

  47. Service Desk (Helpdesk): Work with comments in incidents is now even more convenient: added the page-by-page presentation of comments; unread comments are shown with a colored background; the page with the last unread comment is shown when opening the page with incidents.

  48. Service Desk (Helpdesk): To make the processing of incidents by responsible users quicker, in the product setup added the possibility to indicate a group or user, to whom the newly created incidents will be automatically assigned.

    Service Desk - automatically assigned the newly created incidents

  49. Service Desk (Helpdesk): To set up the representation of the group and product lists in Service Desk (HelpDesk, Bugtracking) integration with a website, added the publicity flag in the service group settings, list of categories and list of products. This flag influences the availability of a group, category or product to website visitors.

    Edit service group - Information tab

    Edit service group - Categories tab

    The testing of Service Desk (HelpDesk, Bugtracking) integration with a website is available at From the (HelpDesk, Bugtracking) tab of their profiles, users can leave their comments or error notifications connected with the MetaTrader 4 operation.

  50. Service Desk (Helpdesk): Added the page with the print version for the information about the incident.

  51. Service Desk (Helpdesk): To control the users activities and visualization of processing statistics, added business reports: by the number of a company's applications, by the number of incidents processed by a user etc.

    Service Desk - business reports of the users activities

The live update Build 510 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.
TeamWox Collaboration Software: Server Installation Guide

We offer you the trial version of the TeamWox collaboration software to be installed and used in your company absolutely free of charge. In this article you will find quick and easy steps on downloading, installing and using the TeamWox groupware server to meet the requirements of your business.

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