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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 552

alexey 20/10/2009 15:40 | #

What's new:

  1. Diagram Editor: Extended library of shapes that are used to construct schemes. Added possibility to set up featured categories of shapes, added field of quick search of a shape by its name.

    Diagram Editor - Library of shapes

  2. Diagram Editor: Extended parameters of the editor page setup. Added settings of page size (A5, A4 and so on), page orientation (portrait or landscape), measurement units (inch, centimeters, pixels).

  3. Diagram Editor: For better convenience, added the "Crop" command used for reducing the working field by the borders of diagram shapes.

  4. Chart Editor: Extended possibilities and improved convenience of inserting data from other programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc etc.)

    Chart Editor - Inserting data from other programs

  5. Diagram Editor , Chart Editor: For better convenience, added possibility to rename attached files created in built-in diagram, chart and mind map editors. This allows changing the default "Untitled" diagram name into the one reflecting the diagram contents, e.g. 'Local Network of Russian Branch'.

    Renaming attached files in Chart Editor

  6. Server: For higher efficiency, added a tooltip containing the list of users included into a group or department. The tooltip is shown in user and group selecting bars, in lists of assigned, etc. This information allows seeing users who can view your task, requests, email, docs, chat.

  7. Server: For higher convenience local time information is added into the tooltip with a user's details. Local time shows specific time in a user's office.

    A tooltip shows a local time in a users office

  8. Server: For better convenience, easier rules are added for password check. A password must be at least 6 symbols long, and meet two of the three conditions: contain upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers. Earlier all the free conditions were required.

  9. Server: Corrected featuring of free disk space and space occupied by TeamWox Groupware. If backup copies are stored on a hard disk (e.g. D:) different from that where TeamWox Collaboration System is installed (e.g. C:), two diagrams are shown.

    Hard disk drive usage

  10. Server: To improve monitoring of the system state, added creation of a task to the group of Administrators, if the minimal required free disk space is left. The task will be created every day, until free disk space is increased.

  11. Task Manager: By the clients requests, to provide better control, added permission to view tasks of subordinate employees (personnel, staff). However, to preserve the ideology of Task Manager, added the privacy flag, which prohibits task viewing by department heads, if they are not in the list of assigned.
    The privacy flag is automatically set to new tasks that aren't assigned to anyone, or to existing tasks if their lists of assigned are cleared.
    The privacy task is automatically set to all the tasks in Task Manager that were created earlier, except for those assigned to departments.

    Task Manager - the privacy flag of a task

  12. Task Manager: Fixed error of quick filtration by executors and authors.

  13. eMail Client: For better integration with modules, added a command for forming a request based on an email. Execution of this command opens a window of request creation containing the email text and a link to the source email.

    eMail Client - a command for forming a request based on an email

  14. eMail Client: Added showing the journal of employees working with a chain of emails for more convenient work with assigned emails and better execution control.

  15. eMail Client: For quicker and more convenient setup of users mailboxes by system administrators, disabled reloading of the mail account list with statistics after changes are saved.

  16. eMail Client, Service Desk (Helpdesk), Chat: For more efficient client servicing and better efficiency, a tooltip with organization details is added to the organization binding link.

    eMail Client - a tooltip with organization details

  17. Service Desk (Helpdesk): By clients requests, for the detailed business reports, added possibility to set up a custom time period to view statistics for.

    Business reports - setting up a custom time period to view statistics for

  18. Service Desk (Helpdesk): For the navigation convenience, added quick search by a request identifier. To do this, enter '#' and the request number (e.g. #2885) into the search field.

  19. Service Desk (Helpdesk): To provide higher field of request body, some rarely used fields are hidden by default.

    Service Desk - Some hidden used fields of a request

  20. Service Desk (Helpdesk): By users requests, added field of request "start date" and "finish date". These dates are formed automatically after a request is created or its status is changed to completed. Besides, users can edit these fields to set the real interval of request fulfillment. E.g. when data are entered into TeamWox business management software by an operator based on executors reports provided on paper.

    Service Desk - fields of request start and finish dates

The live update Build 552 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.
Change in TeamWox License Policy

The license policy for free and commercial standard licenses of TeamWox collaboration system is to be changed from January 2013. We complete the free period for 10-user licenses, as well as for educational and governmental ones.

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