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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 642

alexey 14/12/2009 18:38 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: To help the system administrator to set up TeamWox Groupware for a new user, added widget location templates. System administrators can set up widget arrangement at Administration->Users->[Certain User]->Widgets. A user can then arrange widgets right on the main page.
    Added templates for the following groups of users: system administrators, managers, marketing and sales department, technical support team.

    Setting up widget location templates for users

  2. Server: Fixed error that caused disabling of the function that cleared the file storage from deleted files during the backuping process. After the update, when creating backup copies, files deleted during a day, contents of deleted comments, emails, tasks, etc. will be deleted, allowing to reduce the backup size.

  3. Server: To show more information on a user's availability or absence, added display of vacation/business trip start and end dates in the tooltip with the user's details.

    Display of business trip start and end dates in the tooltip

  4. Server: To make use of TeamWox online collaboration software on netbooks and devices with small screen resolution more comfortable, height of the comment editor window is lowered, depending on the screen hight.

  5. Server: Fixed an error in the user interface scripts, in the window of adding/modifying user's picture, after which a dialog window with the error alert was displayed. Still, pictures were saved on the server.

  6. Server: Added translation of the user interface of business management system into the following languages: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Romanian, Turkish, Finnish, Hindi.

  7. Visual Editor: To make the editor more convenient, commands for inserting mind map objects, charts and diagrams into the text of a task, comment, ttc. are added into its toolbar. Earlier, prior to inserting objects into the text, one had to add them into the list of attached files.

    Visual Editor - Inserting mind map objects into the text

  8. Mind Map Editor: For better convenience, added commands for inserting bonds in any directions.

    Mind Map Editor - commands for inserting bonds in any directions

  9. Diagram Editor: For better convenience, added the possibility to insert comments for each element of a diagram. The comment will be visible when pointing a mouse cursor over the element, when viewing the diagram.

    Diagram Editor - inserting comments for each element

    Diagram Editor - comments for elements of a diagram

  10. Chart Editor: For better convenience, modified the editor interface making it maximally similar to work in electronic table editors (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc): a cell can be edited by a double click on it or after a digit entering; added the possibility to select a row or column; added commands for deleting a row or command; improved working with a buffer.

  11. Multimedia Viewer: To make use of the viewer more convenient, changed its interface. The style of colors and icons changed to meet the style of the whole TeamWox Groupware interface. To increase the workplace where content is shown, the toolbar is hidden when moving a cursor away from the viewer window. If the image size is larger than the viewer window, the contents can be viewed by dragging it. When viewing several files, you can open the previous or next one using hot key combinations: Ctrl + (left arrow) or Ctrl + (right arrow).

    Multimedia Viewer interface

  12. Search Engine: For better performance of the full re-indexing of TeamWox Groupware data, the mechanism kernel was re-written. Now allows decreasing time of the full re-indexing threefold. In the previous version, re-indexing was slowed down, if the search index was larger than 1-2 GB, when data stored in TeamWox Groupware increased 4-6 Gb.

  13. Search Engine: For information purposes, added the scale visualizing the indexing process. The scale shows the percents of already processed data of the module currently indexed.

    Search Engine - the scale visualizing the indexing process

  14. Search Engine: For better control over the process of adding information into the search index, added parameters allowing to disable indexing of data of separate modules. If this option is enabled, information (emails, tasks, requests, docs, comments) from this module will not be added; besides, data of this module won't participate in the full re-indexing.
    Indexing can be disabled in case of the large increase of the new information volume in any of modules. For example, in the eMail Client when multiple mailboxes with numerous emails are added. In a common mode, all received emails of newly created mailboxes will be immediately indexed, increasing load on the server and influencing the normal TeamWox Groupware operation for all users. In this case, it's better to postpone indexing of the eMail Client till night, when the activity of users is minimal.
    Settings can be changed at Administration->Modules->eMail Client->Setup.

    Search Engine - parameters allowing to disable indexing of data

  15. Task Manager: For better control over users working in the business system, added a parameter allowing to prohibit use of private tasks in TeamWox collaboration software. All newly created tasks will be seen to users with the permission to view tasks of subordinate departments. In already created tasks, the privacy flag will be preserved. After the modification of such tasks, the flag will be automatically removed.
    To enable this parameter, add the following line into the file config\teamwox.cfg:
  16. Task Manager: For better control over users' work, introduced the following rule when working with private tasks in Task Manager: if the number of assigned users or groups is more than 3, the privacy flag will be removed and the task will become available to users with the permission to view tasks of subordinate departments.

  17. Documents: For the sake of convenience and efficiency, added support of dragging/copying files from an explorer or a desktop (from a local hard drive) into the browser page, displaying contents of the Documents module folder, using the drag'n'drop mechanism. The operation of this function requires the installation of the Google Gears plug-in ( or use of the Google Chrome browser.

    Documents - dragging / copying files from an explorer or a desktop

  18. Documents: For better convenience, added a command for deleting a document version. If a new version contains errors, or has been downloaded by mistake, it can be deleted. You cannot delete a version, if it is the only one version left.

    Documents - a command for deleting a document version

  19. Documents: Upon our customers requests, added the function for linking folders to organizations. The linked folder will be displayed when viewing information on a company, on the Documents page. By clicking on the folder name displayed on this page, you will be moved to the page with subfolders and files of the Document management function of the business software.
    For a quick de-linking of a document or folder, the "Unassign" command was added. It is available when viewing company details, on the Documents page.

    Documents - the function for linking folders to organizations
    The linked folder on Documents page in an organization profile

  20. Documents: For a more convenient use, added notifications that a folder contains no documents, or that objects in it are unavailable for viewing, are in a trash now, or the user has no permissions to view them. These notifications help to clarify cases, when a folder can't be deleted, though the list of files is empty.

    Documents - the notification that a folder contains no documents
    Documents - the notification that objects in it are unavailable for viewing

  21. Documents: On the page with the document details, added commands, for signing, refusing to sign and getting informed. These documents are displayed if a document has been assigned to a user for viewing or signing.

    Documents - commands, for signing, refusing to sign and getting informed

  22. Documents: For the convenience of usage, added a command for editing properties of a current (viewed) folder. Earlier, in order to change, for example, viewing permissions, one had to go to the parent folder, find the corresponding subfolder and call a command to edit its properties.

    Documents - a command for editing properties of a current folder

  23. Documents: Added the possibility to attach several documents to a task, comment, emails etc. without closing the document selection window. To select several documents, do the following: open the window for adding a document into the list of attached files, open the necessary document in the directory tree, add the necessary file by a double click on its name, repeat the same operation for more documents, not closing the dialog window.

    Attaching several documents to a task or an email

  24. Documents: To make data exchange more convenient, added the possibility to copy permanent links of documents, which later will lead to the page with the document details.

    Permanent links of documents to the details page

  25. Organizations: On our clients demand, added custom fields to enter additional details of an organization. This allows adding details that are specific for a teamworks in small business. Custom fields can be set up in the "Custom field" section of the Settings dialog window, which is opened by a command located at the bottom of a page with the base of organizations.
    In order to make the field available for data input, its name must be specified. Fields with no name will not be displayed. Note, that custom fields are not translated into other languages. So in all languages the same name will be displayed.
    Custom fields can be viewed when editing and viewing information on a client, they can also be used as a condition in a new filter.

    Organizations - custom fields to enter additional details
    Custom fields in the Organizations page
    Organizations - setting filters with custom fields

  26. Organizations: To improve control over the change of information and status of an organization, comments are added into its history, showing who changed it.

    Control over the change of information and status of an organization

  27. Organizations, Contacts, Products: Fixed an error that caused the re-indexing of an organization, contact or product details after viewing the editing window and pressing the Save button, if nothing has been changed there. The most load was caused by the synchronization of account lists from the MetaTrader 4 module with the base of organizations, when data on thousands of accounts are synchronized.

  28. Organizations, Contacts, Products: For better efficiency, the command for restoring an organization entry from a trash is added into the list of commands.

    Restoring an organization entry from a trash

  29. MetaTrader 4: To optimize the performance of the TeamWox Groupware server, removed the functional of receiving and displaying daily reports from the MetaTrader 4 module. The synchronization of data of daily reports with MetaTrader 4 servers caused additional load both on the TeamWox Groupware server and MetaTrader 4 server. During the process of data synchronization, large amount of data was transmitted, which also increased load onto the channel that connected TeamWox Groupware and MetaTrader.

  30. MetaTrader 4: Fixed an error in the synchronization of data on accounts with the MetaTrader 4 server. This error caused change of information about an account in TeamWox business management software, even if account details were not changed on the MetaTrader 4 server. This allowed to reduce the number of synchronized accounts from thousands to hundreds of accounts per a session.

  31. Service Desk (Helpdesk): Into the component for integrating with a website, added the possibility to attach files to requests and comments by the visitors of the website.

  32. Service Desk (Helpdesk): In the TeamWox Gropware Help, added examples of the source code for integrating the Service Desk (bugtracking, helpdesk functions) to a website. Examples are written in PHP and C#.
    Authentication of users that view and add requests in Service Desk (HelpDesk), must be performed by the website, whose database contains users' details. Examples of the source code show, how a website user's hash code (identifier) must be formed, in order to specify it in the parameters of the Service Desk (bugtracking) integration component.

  33. Chat: Fixed an error that caused loss of message contents in case of the TeamWox Groupware server failure.

The live update Build 642 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

Migration from OTRS Ticket System to the TeamWox Business Management Software

How to move from the OTRS ticket system to the TeamWox groupware system. The main advantages of using TeamWox to manage client services and work of a company's staff.

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