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FAQ: TeamWox Groupware installation

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 11:48 | #

How to connect two offices via Internet using Kerio Winroute Firewall?

Suppose, you need to connect to the TeamWox server installed in the main office from your desktop in the additional office.

The main difficulty is that the main office uses Kerio Winroute Firewall as a proxy server, and access to the TeamWox Groupware server from the Internet is blocked on the proxy server.

Connection to Internet in the main office is established via PPPoE connection set up on the proxy server:

Open Administration Console for Kerio WinRoute Firewall and go to "Traffic Policy".1. Create an allowing rule «TeamWox from Internet» through port 443:

In the same rule, indicate routing to the local address of the TeamWox Groupware server (in this example it is Otherwise, when referring to the IP address of the main office all packages will go till proxy only.
2. Create an allowing rule to access TeamWox Groupware updates:

3. Create an allowing rule for traffic from TeamWox Groupware server to your additional office:

Financial Modules (Moneyflow) in TeamWox Business Management Software

It is often difficult for a director or manager of a company to gain a full understanding of documentation, which is devoted to financial operations. Many organizations leave all of the financial business to their book-keepers and accounting departments.The issue is easily resolved using the TeamWox system of organizations administration. This system allows for a simple management of financial flows, and an operational access to all of the necessary information.

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 13:16 | #

How to set up the remote access to TeamWox collaboration software from the Internet?

To access TeamWox groupware system from the internet you will need to allocate a public static IP address - this is the permanent real IP address which is allocated by your internet provider. If such a public static IP address is available, your server will be accessible from any location in the internet, from any computer connected to the internet.

If your company doesn't have its own public IP address, and your are planning remote working with TeamWox collaboration software from the internet, you'll have to contact your internet provider requesting a public static IP address.

If you already have a public IP address, then you probably have one of the following cases, when the computer with the installed TeamWox Groupware is located:

  1. at your hosting provider with an allocated public IP address;
  2. in a local corporate network behind firewall with an allocated public static IP address;
  3. in a local corporate network behind firewall (Internet access point) with an allocated internal IP address like 192.168.х.х.

Let's consider setting up of the remote access to the TeamWox Groupware server from the internet for each above mentioned case separately. Suppose our TeamWox Groupware has the following installation parameters:

  Domain name of the TeamWox server:
  Full URL address of the TeamWox server:  
  Public static IP address:
  Internal local IP address of the TeamWox server:

The computer where the TeamWox Groupware server is installed is located at the hosting provider

The TeamWox groupware server is installed on a computer with the allocated IP address In this case a special DNS entry should be added in DNS servers of the provider who maintain the domain This special DNS entry will assign to your domain a static IP address of the TeamWox Groupware server in the internet (external IP address), e.g.: =

Not all hosting providers provide direct access to their DNS servers. So, probably you will need to contact the support team of your provider requesting to add the corresponding record on their DNS server.

The computer where the TeamWox Groupware server is installed is located in the local network behind firewall with an allocated public IP address

If there is no proper DNS server in your corporate network, you will need to perform the actions described above, i.e. you'll need to add a special DNS entry in the DNS server of your internet provider.

If there is a DNS server in your company, the corresponding entry should be added to it.

The computer where the TeamWox server is installed is located in the local network behind firewall with an internal public IP address like

In this case you will need to perform the following actions:

1) Either in your provider's DNS server or in your own one, add a special DNS entry like this: =

2) On the firewall add mapping or redirection of external requests of the domain name to the real internal local IP address of the computer where the TeamWox server is installed (

In other words, when you enter the url address of your TeamWox server ( in the address line of your web browser from a remote (home) computer, first you access the DNS server of your provide, which returns the IP address (, at which connection with the TeamWox server is performed. 

That is, for the internet, your TeamWox server with the domain name is located at the public static IP address of your corporate network (, but global DNS servers don't know that actually the server is located in the local network and has its own internal IP address (

Use port mapping for redirecting incoming requests at port 443 (HTTPS) to a necessary computer. For this purpose, the below entry should be added to the gateway:


Here is the address of the server where TeamWox Groupware is installed.

3) For your employees in the office to be able to enter TeamWox collaboration software at directly from a local network addressing the internal IP address of the server without having to use complicated routes via internet, public addresses or proxy servers, the following entry should also be added at firewall or inner DNS server: =
TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 13:16 | #

Why Do We Need a Domain Name?

TeamWox is a web-server application that can be accessed via a standard web browser. Therefore, a domain name must be specified during its installation. This is a web address of the resource used for the access of all users to the web application, for example, "". Besides, the unique server license submitted during TeamWox installation is bound to a specified domain name.

All domain names are unique on the Internet. Please, be careful when choosing TeamWox server name. Companies usually own "*" domain areas. In your case it is enough to select a free third-level domain name for TeamWox system, for example, "".

If you do not have your own domain name yet, we can provide you with a free third-level domain name of "" type in one of our domain areas (*; *; * You will always be able to change a domain name of your TeamWox server later.

Domain (originally meaning 'area', 'territory', 'zone') is a part of the Internet domain names hierarchical space specified by a unique domain name.

Domain name, also called domain address or host name, is a domain symbol name. It must be unique within one domain. A full domain name consists of the names of all domains it is included in divided by dots. For example, full name (with a dot at the end) specifies yandex second-level domain included in ru first-level domain. A first-level domain is in its turn a part of the root domain. Domain name is used for addressing the Internet hosts and network resources (web sites, e-mail servers and other services) located there in a human friendly form.

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 13:16 | #

Where can I find TeamWox Groupware Help files?

TeamWox collaboration software contains built-in help files. To access them, press in the upper right corner from any program location - the corresponding help section will be opened in this case.

The online version is located at
TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 13:38 | #

How to configure the firewall in Windows 7 to let the TeamWox Groupware traffic through?

Open the "Windows Firewall" window in the advanced security mode. To do this, the following actions should be performed:

  • open the "Start" menu, select "Run" and enter mmc
  • in the appeared window press "CTRL+M"
  • select " Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" 
  • press "add", indicate "Local computer" -> Done -> ОК.

In the appeared window create two rules for the incoming and outgoing connection. First select "Inbound Rules":

In the appeared console window set a new rule ("New Rule"):

Indicate what the rule shall be applied to. In this case select Port:

Set the list of TCP ports that are used for the TeamWox Groupware operation:

Select the action required:

Specify networks the rule should apply to:

Set a name for the rule created:

That's it. The "Outbound Rules" are created in a similar way.

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 13:56 | #

How to set up a Gmail mailbox in TeamWox eMail Client?

Make sure that IMAP is enabled in the mailbox settings on the Gmail side:

After that you can set up the mailbox in TeamWox eMail Client:

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 17:53 | #

Should I run or install IIS to provide operation of TeamWox groupware system?

No, TeamWox server doesn't require Internet Information Service.
TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 17:54 | #

What is the best browser for TeamWox collaboration software?

For the best operation of TeamWox Groupware we recommend using the latest versions of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari with the installed Adobe Flash version 9.0 and higher.

TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 17:54 | #

I have some suggestions regarding TeamWox collaboration software. Whom can I contact?

You can share your suggestions on the official forum of the TeamWox business management system.
TeamWoxer 15/02/2010 17:56 | #

What does the 10-user limitation of the version mean?

This is the limitation for the number of employees with accounts in the system, having the status of "Working". The number of dismissed or deleted employees is unlimited, but they can't enter the system.

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