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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 762

tatyana 26/02/2010 21:13 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: Added the Connection page, which is intended for checking and troubleshooting connection of the TeamWox Groupwate server to the Internet and its accessibility from the Internet. This page allows easier and quicker setup of network devices.
    Information from this page will help you detect the following problems:
    • connection of the TeamWox Groupware server to the Internet. If the server is not connected to the Internet, TeamWox collaboration software cannot be activated (it will work with limitations), updates cannot be received, further troubleshooting cannot be performed;
    • connection to TeamWox Groupware from the Internet. If there are any problems connecting to TeamWox collaboration system from the Internet, employees (personnel) will not be able to connection the business management system from outside the office, operation of website-integration components will be disabled;
    • connection of Service Desk (HelpDesk) for bugtracking and Online Customer Support Live Chat integration components to TeamWox Groupware from the Internet.
    In case any of the problems are detected, corresponding description and recommendations to solving problems will be displayed.

    The Connection page in the collaboration system

  2. Server: In Administration->Security added options for enabling/disabling access to components of integration of Service Desk (HelpDesk) for bugtracking and Online Customer Support Live Chat with the company website, and for disabling use of the unprotected HTTP protocol for these services. These options allow increasing flexibility of security settings and improving control over public (unauthorized)  services.
    What is recommended:
    • if the certificate installed for TeamWox Business Management Software was issued by an authorized certification center (Thawte, VeriSign, and others), disable use of the unprotected HTTP;
    • disable both options if you are not going to use Service Desk (HelpDesk) for bugtracking and Online Customer Support Live Chat integration components for your website;
    • enable both options if you use these integration components on your website, and use the default SSL-certificate (issued by MetaQuotes Software Corp.).

    Processing of public requests - options for enabling/disabling access

  3. Server: To make the import module more efficiency, added functions of automatic detection of date formats and delimiters of CSV files.

    Import organizations - the function of automatic detection of date formats

  4. Server: To expand possibilities of TeamWox Groupware integration with other information systems, extended the list of data export formats. Added possibility to export data in the XML format that can be read by MS Excel 2007 and OpenOffice Calc 3.0+.

  5. Server: On the home page added displaying of tooltips with names of employees whose birthday is today or tomorrow. If there are no birthdays in the nearest two days, hints and tips are displayed in this tooltip line.

    Displaying of tooltips with names of users whose birthday

  6. Server: For the purpose of convenience, added possibility to maximize dialog windows (Task Manager, online chat, etc.). The window can be minimized till its normal size by pressing the same button.

    TeamWox Interface - possibility to maximize dialog windows TeamWox Interface - possibility to minimize till normal size dialog windows

  7. Server: To make creation of maps in Mind Map more efficiency, added commands for changing the order of child elements. New commands allow placing the node position above or below its current position.

    Mind Map Editor - commands for changing the order of child elements

  8. Server: For the convenience of installation of a certificate issued by an authorized center (Thawte, VeriSign), when a request was sent in PEM format (text format) using TeamWox Buisness Management System, the request, by the reply to which a certificate was installed, is removed from the list of requests.
    Upon your request, a certification authority issues a certificate for you and sends a reply in PEM text format. You can install the new certificate on the page Administration->Security using the command of "Use the response of the certificate authority". In the certificate installation window, select the request (by its date and time), which was answered by a certification authority in PEM format. After a certificate is installed successfully, the corresponding request will be removed from the list.

    Using issued certificate - the list of requests to the Certification Authority

  9. Server: For better control over actions of users with extended permissions and of administrators, increased number of journal entries about changes in the TeamWox Collaboration Software settings. If any of TeamWox parameters from Administration->Security and Administration->Settings is changed, the corresponding entry will appear in the TeamWox Groupware journal.

  10. Server: in order to optimize time of user interface development, added a JavaScript library of components. With this library you can construct user interface compatible with all web-browsers supported by the TeamWox online groupware for small business. Use of new JavaScript components allows creating interface in a united style.
    Currently modified interface of the Message Board (Forum), user's profile pages: Personal Details and Contact Details, implemented part of Service Desk (HelpDesk) interface.
    A detailed documentation on the use of the JavaScript component library will be released soon.
      .Append("onformsenderror",function () {alert("Error occurred while sending/saving the form.");});

    Choosing a language of the groupware interface  Saving phone numbers and contact details in employee's profile

  11. Server: To optimize the process of development of business reports for the TeamWox Groupware system, implemented the report module. The offered API of reports allows considerably reducing time of new report development and speed up creation of a user interface for the new report. The system module of business reports allows extending the list of reports for standard package modules. A possibility appeared to develop a module with additional business reports using TeamWox Groupware SDK.
    The new reporting system allows viewing all business reports on a single page to help you better analyze the current state of affairs.

    CRM module - choosing business reports

  12. Server: To solve problems of TeamWox Groupware administration when the password of the only system administrator is lost, added a console command for setting a temporary password for system entering. To reset the password do the following:
    1. Stop the TeamWox Groupware server. Run the console command updater.exe /stop in the directory where TeamWox collaboration software is installed;
    2. Set a temporary password for the system administrator. Execute the console command: teamwox.exe /resetpassword "Administrator Login" Random_Temporary_Password
      Instead of "Administrator Login" and Random_Temporary_Password enter the login and the desired temporary password;
    3. Start the TeamWox Groupware server. execute the console command updater.exe /start in the directory where TeamWox collaboration software is installed.
    Warning! Access to the computer, on which the TeamWox Groupware server is installed, must be strictly limited.

  13. Documents: For better control over users working with the Documents and for document management, added tracking of changes in the documents archive. The number of documents in a folder and all its subfolders is shown. This business report includes only documents, which a user is permitted to view.
    This business report reflects the changes of the total number of documents in the current folder viewed by a user, monthly. The report can be used for analyzing activity of teamwork with documents in a certain folder. For example, a report on the Contracts folder will show the activity of sales managers, Advertising materials - that of marketing specialists, etc.

    Tracking of changes in the documents archive in business report

  14. Documents: Added a business report for viewing list of users who are document authors, those who should read the document, and responsible persons (who should sigh documents). The business report shows the number of documents created, assigned for signing and reading.
    This documents report in the business management system shows activity of users, and responsible users in separate folders.

    Documents - business report of users activity

  15. Documents: To make the documentation security more flexible, a change has been made to allow viewing of a document by the user who has been added into the list for viewing or signing, even if the user has no permissions for the folder where the document is located.
    The user added into one of the above mentioned lists can view the document by opening the page with the information about the document from the widget on the home page, from the list of 'In Hand' documents.

  16. Organizations: To extend the possibilities of system setup for certain companies, added the option for enabling the mechanism of auto-filling of custom fields. This speeds up the process of information adding. Values entered in these fields are remembered and further can be selected from the automatically constructed list.

    Setting custom fields in organizations

    Organizations - the mechanism of auto-filling of custom fields

  17. Organizations: Changed the crm report of distribution of organizations according to their geographic location. In the new business report color accents are made on countries where clients are located.
    Color intensity depends on the number of organizations from light green (less) to dark green (more clients). Countries with no clients are colored white.
    To view distribution of organizations (customers) in cities of a certain country, zoom in the map by clicking on the necessary country.

    The Map report - geography of organizations

  18. eMail Client: For better convenience, added the option "Disable events and displaying of emails in widget" in the mailbox settings. This option allows reducing the number of notifications on new emails and the number of emails displayed on the home page. The user will be informed about really important emails only.
    It is recommended to enable this option if emails incoming to the selected mailbox are of information character only. For example, the system administrator can create a mailbox for spam. If an important email erroneously appeared in the spam mailbox, the system administrator can forward it or assign to a certain user right from TeamWox collaboration software. For such mailboxes we also recommend enabling the option "Do not index for searching".

    eMail Client - the option of disable events and displaying of emails in widget

  19. Service Desk (Helpdesk): For the convenience of navigation and quicker search of requests added the possibility to filter the list of request. Currently request can be filtered according to the following parameters: period when the request was created, a word in the request name, request author and assigned user. The possibility to filter by categories, products, client (organization) and contact will be added soon.
    In filtering, search is made only in the text of request names. To search by the request contents, please use corporate search engine.

    Service Desk - the filter the list of request

  20. Accounting - For better efficiency in adding commission invoices for payments, implemented functions for automatic creation of commission rules for organizations. This function allows reducing time spent setting up this type of invoices.

  21. E-Bank new: The eBank module is intended for the implementation of interaction of TeamWox Business Management Software with client-bank systems. This module allows registering a large number of bank accounts, storing financial transactions imported upon the registered information. eBank is tightly integrated with the accounting module. The module functional allows setting up routing rules for received transactions to bind them to organizations and accounts, which enables automatic registration of payments.
    Work with client-bank systems is implemented via plug-ins. TeamWox business management software standard package contains a plug-in for working with WebMoney. Further the list of standard packages will be extended. Plug-ins for working with other business systems can be developed using TeamWox Groupware SDK

  22. Fixed errors reported on forum and via Service Desk (HelpDesk).

The live update Build 762 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

How to Install TeamWox Business Communicator on your PC

TeamWox Communicator is a Windows-based application that allows you to keep track of tasks, e-mails, chat messages, users' presence in the system and many others. TeamWox Communicator will promptly notify you of any changes in the system even if your web browser is closed.

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