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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 798

tatyana 19/03/2010 17:15 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: In the visual editor added possibility to save a text draft both on the server and in the local storage of a web browser on a user's computer. This allows saving the text in entered in the editor if the TeamWox Groupware server is unavailable, at server restart or loss of connection to the Internet.
  2. The local storage is available in the latest versions of all web browsers: MS Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 1.0+, Opera 10.10+, Safari 4.0.

    A text can be saved as a draft by pressing shortcut Ctrl+S or executing command 'Save the current text' in the editor toolbar. To restore the saved text use command 'Upload the saved text'.

    The editor toolbar: Save the current text

  3. Server: Added commands for exporting data from graphical business reports in formats CSV and XML to be downloaded by programs MS Excel 2007+ and OpenOffice Calc 3.0+. Also added command for exporting the graph data into MS Excel 2007+ (format XLSX).

    Data obtained from graphical reports of the business management system can be used for generating specialized custom reports, extended statistic processing, etc.

    Added the possibility to print graphical business reports.

    Commands for exporting data from graphical business reports

  4. Server: Added command 'Text direction' for setting right-to-left text direction (e.g. Arabic) of a selected paragraph in the visual editor.

    'The editor toolbar: Setting right-to-left text direction

  5. Server: On the authorization page and Administration ->Security tab, added a link for downloading an SSL certificate with the public part by MetaQuotes Software CA.

    The default SSL certificate delivered with the TeamWox Groupware license is signed by our company's certification authority (MetaQuotes Software CA). When this certificate is used, the web browser and OS component for working with WebDAV identify it as non-trusted which makes the multiple downloading of documents through Flash and document management via a WebDAV disk impossible.

    In order to solve the above problems we recommend adding the SSL certificate with the public part MetaQuotes SoftwareCA to trusted certification authorities. The system administrator of your local network should add this certificate to the list of trusted certificates in Active Directory (AD). If a user isn't included to domain Active Directory (AD), he or she can install this certificate to the local computer from the log-in page when starting to work with the online collaboration software.

  6. Server: Fixed error in the functioning of connection diagnostics. When opening page Administration -> Connection for the first time, connection testing wasn't performed. On this page information was displayed that TeamWox collaboration software was not connected to the Internet. To start the diagnostic process one had to execute the Refresh command.

    Starting from the new build, this process runs automatically when Administration -> Connection is entered for the first time.

  7. Server: Fixed error in the optimization of the time interval between requests of the web browser requests to the TeamWox Groupware Server (request for updates and requests when communicating via online customer support Live Chat). This error being fixed, it is now more efficiency to teamwork with TeamWox collaboration system when weak connection channels or low-speed connection (GPRS, EDGE, etc.) is used.

  8. Server: On the log-in page added a bar offering to update the used web browser version till the latest available one.

    This bar appears if old versions of web browsers are used: MS Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and lower, Apple Safari 3.0 and lower, Opera 9.64 and lower.

    Using old versions can threaten the secure operation of your computer (viruses, personal information theft) due to errors in out-of-date software. Release of corrections of such errors can be delayed or they can be not released at all, because developers maintain limited technical support of such old software versions. In some cases, updating of the web browser version may increase operation of the user interface.

    The log-in web page in the business management system

  9. Server: Added a separate option for deleting backup copies. This will prevent complete loss of data in case of accidental start of the TeamWox Groupware uninstallation program. In case of large size of working data (file storage), a user will be required to enter a confirmation word to start uninstalling TeamWox business management system from the working server.

    To prevent data loss, it is recommended to set up saving of back up copies on a separate disk (other than the disk where the TeamWox Groupware server is installed).

    The option for deleting backup copies of the groupware system

  10. Server: Introduced the test version of the TeamWox Groupware interface optimized for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, smartphones with Android, smartphones Nokia, Opera Mobile and others). Being on vacation or in a meeting you can keep working using your mobile phone - you can view tasks, emails, write comments or assign tasks to your colleagues in Task Manager. With the new mobile interface it is easy, like working on a netbook or computer (PC).

    Working in the Collaboration system using mobile devices Working with tasks in Task Manager using mobile devices

  11. Server: Introduced the test version of the TeamWox Groupware interface optimized for languages with the right-to-left text direction (e.g. Arabic). With this interface teamwork in the collaboration software becomes easier and efficiency.

    Arabic Interface of the collaboration system

  12. Documents: In the Documents of the business management system added report visualizing the distribution of documents by file types: text documents, documents MS Office, video, audio, etc. The report shows number of documents of each type and the size of documents of specified types in the current folder.

    With this business report you can see what types are added to the folder most often. This can be MS Office documents, video, music, etc. For example, you can see what files are most often uploaded by sales managers - see this report in the Agreements folder.

    Document management: Charts by types of documents

  13. Documents: Extended reports showing growth of the number of documents and distribution of documents by users. The growth business report now can be generated based on:

    • Change of the number of documents in a selected folder;
    • Change of the total size of document files in a selected folder.

    Document management: the report showing growth of the number of documents by users

    In documents report showing distribution of documents by users (authors and managers) you can hide users with than 5 documents, and at a small peak number of documents in the report - with less than 10% of documents. Cutting the list of users shown in the report allows a more precise analysis of users who work with documents in a selected folder.

    Document management: the Report showing distribution of documents by users

  14. Documents: Extended list of types of documents that can be created using built-in means of the TeamWox groupware system. Plus to text documents created using the visual editor you now can create documents using the following TeamWox Groupware tools:

    • Diagram editor;
    • Mind Map editor;
    • Chart editor.

    This list will soon be extended by the possibility to create documents using e-table editor. We are also planning to extend the possibility of exporting documents created in these editors into popular formats. For example, it will be possible to export diagrams and flowcharts created in the diagram editor into Visio.

    The offered set of tools allows creating documents of most popular formats right in the collaboration software with no need to install additional programs on a computer.

    The Groupware tools: creating documents using diagram, mind map, chart editors Document management: The list of documents

  15. Organizations: We have extended the directory of locations of countries and cities. Fixed the algorithm of automatic detection of geographical coordinates of organizations by their address specified in contact details. This allowed considerably reducing the number of organizations, coordinates of which could not be recognized.

  16. Search Engine: Introduced automatic start of full re-indexing of data stored in TeamWox groupware system once a week on a weekend. This allows making search requests in corporate search engige more accurate and use up-to-date search information.

  17. Accounting: Added the possibility to link invoice templates to organizations.

  18. Accounting: Added display of a warning before sending an email with an invoice. This feature allows increasing the system security and prevent accidental information leak.

  19. E-Bank: For extending possibilities of integration with the WebMoney system, implemented support of the Light version of a client supporting authorization by client SSL certificates.

  20. E-Bank new: Extended list of supported payment systems. Added plug-in for integrating with PayPal.

  21. Fixed errors reported on forum and Service Desk (HelpDesk).

The live update Build 798 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

TeamWox SDK: Search and Filtering - Part 1

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