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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 816

alexey 29/03/2010 19:42 | #
  1. Server: To support extended security means, added client certificate authentication of TeamWox collaboration software when working with documents over WebDAV that allows to connect the TeamWox Documents module as a network drive.

  2. Server: Fixed error of client certificate authentication when the TeamWox Groupware server is installed on MS Windows XP SP2+ and MS Windows Server 2003. The error caused hang of web-browser requests to the TeamWox Groupware server.

    This error did not occur at TeamWox business management software installed on the latest versions of MS Windows, such as MS Windows Vista, 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2.

  3. Backup: Optimized the data backup algorithm. The new version allows conducting the backuping process with higher efficiency and better performance. For large volumes of data this allows cutting the backup time and reducing the size of backup copies.

  4. Backup: Fixed the error of TeamWox Groupware backup creation if a network drive is specified in its parameters.

  5. Backup: Added option "Delete all files marked for deletion" (clear all deleted files) to make the setup of backuping more flexible. This option is enable on  default.

    At the active work of the business system users, the total volume of files (audio, distributions, large texts, price lists, etc.), which were marked for deletion because a document, task or comment was deleted, can be considerable. If this option is enabled, such files are physically deleted so that to reduce the size daily backup copies.

    If the size of backups does not matter, and you need to store all the data that were created and added even by mistake, this option should be disabled.

    Thus the TeamWox Groupware administrator can select one of the following backup strategies:
    • Saving disk space - this option is enabled;
    • Storing all the data that are created by users - this option is disabled.

  6. eMail Client: Added one more option for mass processing of the large number of emails in the window of service operations of the eMail Client - emails can be sorted out by their size.

    Emails 1-2 Mb large most often contain program files, distributions, archives of system operation logs or large images. Many of such emails can be copies of offers sent in bulk to by sales managers to their clients. The large volume of mailboxes can make the backup process longer and increase the size of backup copies.

    With the new condition you can select emails that occupy much space in the online file storage. Selected emails can be deleted allowing to reduce the time of backuping, or they can be moved to a separate filter to be analyzed then.

    Service operations of the eMail Client

  7. eMail Client: In the emails service window, added the "Move to..." command which allows moving emails selected by a certain condition to a separate folder or filter.

    The new command allows moving emails that were selected by condition into a filter, for example, to analyze the emails before you delete them.

    Moving to trash of emails of the eMail Client

  8. Team: To extend the analytical functions of the module, we have added the new Statistics section.

    The following statistical information for a selected period (year, quarter, etc.) is available on this page:
    • average age of employees in a department;
    • staff turnover;
    • average time of work;
    • average length of a workday;
    • salary budget for a department (in case "Payments" is allowed);
    • average cost of an employee's working hour (in case "Payments" is allowed).

    To have access to this page, certain permissions for Team Statistics must be given.

  9. Team: For the efficiency of working when viewing information about salaries in Payments (payroll), and in keeping records about vacations, sick leaves and business trips, added displaying of discharged employees (personnel, staff) on the Worktime page. Names of such employees are highlighted red.

    Dismissed employees are shown when viewing the time period (year or month) when they were working in the company. Information about discharged employees on Payments and Worktime allows to display the true information (about salaries, vacations, etc.) as of the moment when these users were working in the company.

  10. Fixed errors reported on forum and in Service Desk (HelpDesk) requests.

The live update Build 816 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

TeamWox SDK: Creating Custom Reports

Reports enable you to visualize various factors of organizational performance. In this article we will consider how to create custom reports in TeamWox groupware.

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