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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 862

alexey 04/05/2010 16:23 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: Added diagnostics tools for network devices of a PC and their parameters. When a TeamWox Groupware server is loaded, network configurations of a computer are determined and the result is output into the TeamWox Groupware operation journal. This simplifies solving of problems of setup of the network environment of a PC where the TeamWox Groupware server is installed.

    The following parameters are defined:
    • List of IP addresses of the computer;
    • List of network adapters installed on the computer;
    • IP address matched to the domain the TeamWox is registered at;
    • List of applications that use ports 80 (http) and 443 (https);
    • Parameters of the Windows Firewall for ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) for the TeamWox Groupware server.

    Example of logs:
    2010-04-28 12:11:21  Info 1  Netstat: Computer IP addresses: ','
    2010-04-28 12:11:21  Info 1  Netstat: Computer adapters: 'Connection over local network'
    2010-04-28 12:11:22  Info 1  Netstat: IP address for the domain '':
    2010-04-28 12:11:22  Info 1  Netstat: Port 80 listeners: System (
    2010-04-28 12:11:22  Info 1  Netstat: Port 443 listeners: System (
    2010-04-28 12:11:22  Info 1  Netstat: Port 80 is allowed by Windows Firewall for TeamWox
    2010-04-28 12:11:22  Info 1  Netstat: Port 443 is allowed by Windows Firewall for TeamWox
    Before you apply to our technical customer support team, please read the article "TeamWox Groupware: Setting Up Access from the Internet" and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    When you contact our technical support team via the Online Assistant (Live Chat), to solve questions of setting up access to TeamWox collaboration software after installing it, please insert the diagnostics log from the TeamWox Groupware journal at the beginning of your message. This information will help us quicker solve your problems.
  2. Server: In the installation process added the automatic configuration of rules of the Windows Firewall for ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) of the computer where the TeamWox Groupware server is installed. The business management system installation program adds necessary rules for accessing TeamWox Groupware from the local network and the Internet.

  3. Server: To simplify setup of the network environment, implemented automatic setup of parameters of the HTTP Window service required for the operation of the TeamWox business management system.

    Parameters of HTTP Windows, like IP- address and ports, can be changed using console commands available in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003. There are no available tools with the visual GUI for setting up HTTP Windows. This operation can be performed by an experienced system administrator.

    These functions allow quickly, without third party help, changing parameters of HTTP Windows, which are required for enabling users' access to the TeamWox Collaboration software.

  4. Server: Requested by our clients, added the new address format: Street, zip, city, country. The address format can be changed on page Administration -> Settings, in Regional Settings.

  5. Server: Changed the interface of request setting to our technical customer support team, which is available on page Administration -> Requests.

    The interface of request setting to the technical customer support

  6. Server: Improved convenience of working and adaptation of user interface for mobile platforms.

    It is related to remaking of the interface of several modules using the JavaScript library of user components. The modules that are fully converted for using that library are Task Manager and Message Board (Corporate Forum).

  7. Server: Fixed error in the visualization of the free and occupied disk space for backuping if a connected network drive is used.

  8. Task Manager: Improved the user interface of the module. The new version of the interface has been developed using the library of JavaScript components. The library of JavaScript components allows to easier implement the interface version for mobile devices. Besides the new version helps to reduce the traffic when working with Task Manager, which is especially important in working with mobile devices.

    Additionally the following features are implemented:
    • Selection of several attachments by a single command. This function is supported by the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher, Google Chrome and other browsers with the Google Gears add-on;

      Selection of several files attachments by a single command

    • Key shortcuts for various commands: page selection when viewing the list of tasks and a task with several pages of comments (Ctrl + <-, Ctrl + ->), creation of a new comment (Ctrl+Alt+M) etc. Available hot keys are described in the command tooltips and the built in the TeamWox Groupware Help;

    • Quoting a selected text block;

    • Improved interface for languages with right-to-left text direction;

      The Groupware system Interface for languages with right-to-left text direction

    • Moving to a certain comment when going at a permanent link that is opened in a new window or tab of the web browser;

    • Reduced height of a business management system comment.

  9. Task Manager, eMail Client, Service Desk (Helpdesk): Implemented copying of attached files when creating a task or a Service Desk (HelpDesk, bugtracking) request based on an email. In the previous builds only the email subject and contents were copied.

    Besides that, when a request is created based on an email, the assigned organization is also copied.

    eMail Client: Creating a request or a task based on an email

  10. Contacts: To track the dynamics of how managers fill out contact details of the clients' employees, the corresponding report was added. It shows the growth of the number of contacts for a selected filter. The business report is generated for contacts of organizations, the user is allowed to view.

    This Customer relationship management (CRM) report reflects the dynamics of changes in the total number of contacts in the selected filter by months. For example, you can create a filter in Contacts that will generate the list of organizations according to their regions and assess the efficiency of your managers in filling up the client base.

    The CRM report: dynamics of changes in the contacts base

  11. Contacts: Added report on the number of contacts in organizations. The report is generated based on contacts of organizations the user is allowed to view.

    The business report will help you to analyze the efficiency of the employees who work with the client base.

    The CRM report on the number of contacts in organizations

  12. Team: Added the "Statistics" section on pages that show information about a user.

    The following statistic information for a selected period (year, quarter, etc.) is represented here:
    • total period of the employee's work;
    • total number of the employee's working days within the selected period, average worktime per day;
    • number of days of the user's vacation, business trip, compensatory leaves, sick leaves;
    • the user's salary budget;
    • the average cost of the user's working hour.

    Viewing of this page requires the "Statistics" permission for the Team.

    Groupware system: the statictics report by each user

  13. Service Desk (Helpdesk): To optimize the process of mass processing of requests, implemented the possibility of group operations with requests.

    To perform group operations, select several requests (hold Ctrl and click on the request line outside the link). The additional list of commands will appear in the page header.

    Service Desk (HelpDesk): deleting several requests

    In the new build, implemented the group operation of request deletion. Only a user with the group administration permissions can delete several requests.

    Deletion of several requests speeds up the processing of numerous automatically generated requests. For example, crash logs in the Service Desk (HelpDesk, bugtracking) of the developing company.

  14. Service Desk (HelpDesk): Changed the mechanism of highlighting new or modified requests, yet unread by a user. Unread requests older than seven days are not marked with bold font.

    If a user has to work with a large number of requests (e.g. the group administrator). This mechanism allows concentrating on the newly received requests.

  15. Chat: To improve control over the work of the technical support team, added the possibility to rate the service level after the chat in the Online Assistant (Chat) with Customer Support Function is over. You can rate a dialog from 1 star (poor, was of no help) to 5 (excellent, helped to solve my problem).

    These rates are displayed in the Score column of the list of dialogs. Soon we will add a report for analyzing the service level according to these rates.

    Online Assistant: Rating the service level after the online support chat

  16. Accounting: The business reports are implemented using Application Programming Interface (API) of the business reporting module. You can open the page with reports using the Reports command in the page header. The system module of business reports enables the access to reports of all modules in a single section allowing to analyze the state of affairs in the entire company with minimum time investments.

    The following business reports are available:
    • Turnover by an account book;
    • Diagram of receipts and expenditures in a selected book for an organization, within a selected time period;
    • Turnover by a selected book between the organization and its clients and suppliers;
    • Turnover by products of a selected organization for a certain time period;
    • Business Report on operations between a selected organization and one of its clients.

    The data of business reports can be exported as CSV, Excel 2007 for their extended analysis.

  17. Fixed errors reported on Forum and via Service Desk (bugracking) requests.

The live update Build 862 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

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