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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 884

alexey 18/05/2010 16:50 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: Staff of many companies have to communicate with clients speaking different languages. Some companies using the online team collaboration software are international, and their employees speak several languages. Thus corporate forum posts, requests, emails are written in different languages - English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and others. In order to understand messages written in foreign languages, a user had to open a web page with translation services.

    Starting from this build, TeamWox collaboration software contains an integrated translation service. If you need to translate an email, comment, request or corporate forum post, simply select the required text fragment and click the translation icon located in the top-right corner of the page.

    The groupware system has the translation tool

  2. Server: Fixed the error of TeamWox Groupware server start on a computer with MS Windows Server 2003 with no service packs installed.

  3. Server: Fixed the error in the operation of the online file storage that could appear if a file was written incorrectly into the online storage. The processing of a request to download such a file or search re-indexing could hang because of this error.

  4. Server: Fixed the error that could lead to inability to access the TeamWox groupware system from smartphones with the operating system Google Android.

  5. Backup: Fixed errors in checks of changes in the file storage, which now allows reducing the size of daily incremental backup copies.

  6. Search Engine: To reduce the TeamWox Groupware server maintenance time and to make using it more efficiency, implemented the function of automatic checkup and the possibility to create a catalog for storing search indexes. Changing of the location to store data of the Corporate Search Engine is recommended for optimizing the business system performance. For all recommendations and instructions, please read "How to Speed up TeamWox - Store Components on Different Drives".

    Changing of the catalog setup does not require copying of the old catalog contents. The catalog specified in the parameters will be created automatically, and indexes will be restored during the full search re-indexing. We recommend deleting the old catalog.

  7. Chat: We've introduced the new interface of the tool, which was developed using the library of JavaScript components.

    The interface being transferred to the library of JavaScript components, now it's much easier to work run online customer supporting Live Chat on mobile devices and on computers in countries with the right-to-left text direction. We've also introduced hot keys for fast navigation through the list of dialogs.

  8. Chat: To increase control over the work of the technical support team and to enable analysis of how well clients requests received via Live Chat (Online Assistant) are processed, we've added the "Tome" report. The business report reflects the total number of dialogs and the number of unprocessed dialogs per weekdays and day hours.

    With this chats report, you can easily analyze the work of your technical support team during a week, as well estimate their load. These results will help you decide to reduce or increase the technical staff, or to change the working hours of the department.

    Live Online Chat: The business report of summary dialogs amount

  9. Fixed errors reported on our forum and via Service Desk (HelpDesk) requests

The live update Build 884 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.

Benefits of TeamWox Collaboration Software for Managers

The TeamWox system of organizational management provides a wide range of opportunities for a manager to work effectively. This causes the interaction and work with clients, as well as with each other, to became noticably easier.

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