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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 993

alexey 26/07/2010 15:17 | #

What's new:

  1. TeamWox SaaS Agent new: The development of the new free component for the implementation and maintenance of TeamWox Groupware SaaS versions, is in its final stage. This week the TeamWox SaaS Agent will be publicly released.

    Its peculiarity is that it allows to install several SaaS (software as a service) copies of the business management software on one computer without the need to allocate a separate virtual server (VPS) for each of them.

    This is a cost-effective solution for SaaS providers. The user friendly interface allows to deploy the necessary number of servers in minimum time.

    If the provider has the infrastructure of server management, the availability of the full HTTP API with information exchange in JSON format simplifies integration.

    A brief description of the opportunities is available on the official forum of the groupware system -

    Instances in TeamWox SaaS Agent

  2. TeamWox Communicator new: Work on the new TeamWox Groupware component has begun.

    TeamWox Communicator is a common Windows application, designed to increase the efficiency of notifications about changes in tasks, new requests, emails and documents. Even if browser is closed, you will be notified of changes to which you need to respond.

    Also TeamWox Communicator is a corporate instant messenger, which enables rapid and safe communication and data exchange within your company, performed over an encrypted channel.

    Your technical support specialists will be able to quickly receive notifications about new dialogs initiated by clients from your company website. With TeamWox Communicator, your specialists can communicate with clients without opening the TeamWox Groupware page.

  3. Server: In connection with the development of TeamWox Communicator, the mechanism of notifications has been enhanced. The notifications are displayed in the upper right corner of the TeamWox Groupware page.

    The increased functionality of this module allows using notifications with additional parameters specific of different TeamWox Groupware modules.

    Attention! All clients who develop their own modules of the business software, should download and install the latest version of TeamWox SDK. After installing the TeamWox SDK, the modules should be recompiled.

  4. Documents: To improve the usability and navigation through documents, implemented the search indexing of the contents of text documents.
    This allows you to quickly find the necessary document by the keywords in its text and by the users who are involved in the work on the document.

    Integration with ABBYY Recognition Server and the implemented functional of the text search in documents will enable a more efficiency working with scanned documents received by email or fax.

    Previously, a user could make a mistake, saving the file of a scanned contract or payment in the folder of another client. It was difficult to find such a file then.

    The situation has changed with the release of the new build - an image is automatically recognized and saved as a text file (RTF, DOCX etc.), which is immediately indexed by the corporate search engine. Using the search, you can find all documents whose texts contain the name of the organization or service.

    Currently we've implemented indexing of documents in RTF; support of more formats will appear soon: DOCX, PDF, etc.

  5. Documents: To make the procedure of TeamWox Groupware server configuration easier, removed the "Create/edit root folders" permission from the list of permissions of the Document management.

    The structure of the folders of documents that underlie the hierarchy of documents, is defined by the system administrator - the user who has permissions for "Documents / Administration". The presence of the additional permission was confusing in the safety rules of TeamWox Groupware users.

  6. Organization: For the better control over the change of organization details, expanded the format of the comment text, which is added to the history of the customer relationship management (crm).

    Previously, only the fact of the field change was recorded. From this build on, the previous values of the changed fields are added to the history comment.

    This will help to see who of the employees (personnel) has changed or removed information in any of the fields.

  7. Documents, Organizations, Contact: Pages with the history of working with the document, organization or contacts were revised using the library of TeamWox JavaScript components.

    The new interface of the history pages:
    • allows you to quickly attach multiple files to the comment;
    • provides support of hot keys for the navigation through pages and adding of new comments;
    • system comments differ from the ordinary user comments - their hight is reduced;
    • introduced partial quoting;
    • improved support of mobile devices (mobile platforms).

  8. Organizations: To enhance the exchange of information with other business systems, expanded import capabilities of organizations. Added support of import of the list of employees who can view the organization details - the list of assigned.

  9. Service Desk (Helpdesk): Optimized the module performance.

  10. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 993 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox business management software.

What Is a Groupware or Collaboration System?

But there is a way out from the current situation. In recent years specialized management systems appeared - such systems are called Groupware. Groupware is software for the organization of an efficient cooperation of employees inside a company. The main advantage of using such systems is the creation of a one informational environment within one company.

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