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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1011

alexey 09/08/2010 18:21 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: To increase convenience and enhance analytical capabilities of the TeamWox business reporting system, the charting component was updated.

    In the new version of the component, data values are shown as numbers on charts, in addition to their graphic display. This allows you to make a quick visual analysis of the data without the need to export data to Excel or another program.

    For example, when displaying a stacked column chart, totals for each of the columns are shown, and below the chart the numerical values of each series are shown.

    The business reports - displaying a stacked column chart

    For line charts, next to each column its numeric value is displayed.

    The business reports - displaying a line chart

  2. Server: In order to enhance the company's security policy, added the possibility of generating a client SSL certificate with 1024 bit key.

    Personal tools of strict authentication (eToken) support work with digital certificates and digital signatures. eTokens of various modifications are released. Starting with this build, added the support of devices that can store personal SSL certificates with the key length up to 1024 bits.

    To reduce the risks of information theft and loss of passwords of TeamWox users, we recommend that you use authentication using client digital certificates and the eToken device for storing them.

    The groupware system - generating a client SSL certificate

  3. Documents: Implemented automatic numbering of documents, which allows improving the usability of the business management system.

    This feature helps to assign numbers to newly added documents. To the folders that store different kinds of documents (incoming documents, contracts, outgoing letters, etc.) you can specify a numbering template and the starting number that will be assigned to the next document.

    The template of the automatic numbering of documents is set in the folder properties editing window. On the Information tab, you must specify the number for the next document and a numbering template of the following format: PRE-FIX-#000000#-POST-FIX. In this template, the place of the automatically increasing number is specified as zeros limited by the '#' characters. The number of zeros indicates digits in the number.

    For example, for the template CT-#000000#-BZ and the starting number 178, document numbers will be the following: CT-000178-B, CT-000179-B, CT-000180-B etc.

    Document management - automatic numbering of documents

    After changing the directory settings, a number according to the specified template will be assigned to all new documents added to the directory or any of its sub-folders.

    Document management - the list of numbers of documents

  4. Documents: To reduce the amount of time spent working on documents, added the ability to leave a comment in case of refusal to sign the document.

    The comment adding dialog will open when you select a command to refuse to sign on any of the pages: in the widget on the home page, while viewing the list of in-hand documents, while viewing information about the document.

    After you enter a comment in the visual editor, and click OK, the document will include a note that the user has refused to sign it, and a comment with your text will be added in the history of the document.

    You can also leave this field empty and just click OK.

    Document management - refusing of sign the document

  5. Documents: Implemented a command for quickly adding of comments to the document's history.

    When clicking on the appropriate icon, a dialog box for entering the comment text opens.

    This command allows you to leave your comments on the text of the document after you download and read it, without having to open a page with information about the document.

    Document management - adding of comments to the document's history

  6. Documents: For a quick assessment of the document and the activity of how employees (personnel, staff) work with a specific document, a page of viewing of document information was revised.

    Like in the tools of Organizations, Contacts and Team, a block with information about recent comments from the document history was added. This block provides information about the employee who has last worked with the document, without having to open a history page. In the same block, a command for quick comment adding is now available.

    Block with the information on the document access rights will only be shown in case if any additional permissions have been set to the folder that contains the document.

    Document management - history (last messages) of a file

  7. Documents: Extended the list of file formats, for which search indexing is supported. Implemented search indexing of files created in OpenOffice (*.ODT, *.ODS) and Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 (*.DOCX, *.XLSX) and web pages (*.HTML).

  8. Organizations, Contacts, Message Board (Forum), Documents, Products: To improve the control of users work in these tools, implemented a business report on the number of comments left by users in each of these tools.

    The report displays the total number of comments added by the user during the selected period of time, without separation by filters in Organizations or by folders in Documents.

    This business report will help you assess how actively a manager worked with documents or see the activity of his or her work with clients and customer relationship management (CRM). When working with organizations or contacts, all comments are added to the history: those added by the employee (personnel, staff) and system comments that appear if the user adds new contact details or changes the clients status. The activity of the user's actions will be reflected in this crm report.

    The CRM report - Number of history records for organizations by managers

  9. Chat: Upon request of our customers, the support of the Turkish language was added to the website integration module.

  10. Fixed errors reported on forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking) and in crash logs.
The live update Build 1011 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Business Management Software.
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