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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1144

alexey 02/11/2010 18:56 | #

What's new:

  1. Server new: 64-bit version of TeamWox groupware system has been released.

    The 64-bit version of TeamWox Groupware allows maximum use of server resources in contrast to the 32-bit version which has a limit of 2 GB of RAM like any other 32-bit application. 
    We recommend that companies with more than 50 employees or with more than 40 GB of accumulated data use TeamWox Groupware x64 on a computer with 8 GB RAM or more.

    Advantages of the 64-bit version:
    • Fast full search re-indexing in x64 version. Re-indexing is 3-6 times faster than that in the 32-bit version;
    • Indexing does not affect the business system performance.

    During installation the TeamWox Groupware installer will automatically select type of server to install 32 or 64 bit depending on the operating system.

    In order to move an installed TeamWox Groupware server to the 64-bit version, you should:
    1. Update the TeamWox Groupware server to the latest build;
    2. In the console (cmd.exe) in TeamWox Groupware installation directory run:
      updater.exe /64 /activate

    When moving to the 64-bit version the appropriate versions of the server and modules will be downloaded. Data are not converted.

  2. Server new: The version of Firebird updated to 2.5.

    The advantages of the new version of Firebird:
    • Increased reliability.
      If the TeamWox Groupware server crashes, the database nominally exits through the new API Firebird. This helps to avoid errors in the database;
    • Faster operation due to the new SuperServer architecture.
      The new architecture does not require synchronization when working with the database cache. For each connection a separate cache is used instead of a common cache that was in the previous version of Firebird.

    In the TeamWox collaboration software, Firebird is used in the embedded mode which does not require installation as a separate server.

  3. Help new: The built-in TeamWox Groupware Help is available in German.

    German speaking users of the online collaboration system can read the TeamWox Groupware Help files in their native language.

    The groupware system - The built-in TeamWox Help is in German

  4. TeamWox SDK new: A special version of TeamWox Groupware is available to module developers.

    TeamWox Developer Edition allows you to use debugging when developing a module which is unavailable in the standard version.

    TeamWox Developer Edition server is available only in the x86 version.

    To start using this version of TeamWox Groupware, download and install the latest version of TeamWox Groupware SDK. The directory "[TEAMWOX_SDK_INSTALLATION_FOLDER]\bin" contains the TeamWox.dev32.exe file. Use it to start the server with the /console option instead of file TeamWox.exe.

  5. Server: Added the preview feature of image recognition using ABBYY Recognition Server 3.0.

    In the "Documents" module click "Recognize" on any scanned document. The recognized document will be saved in the format of Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc).

    Every customer who uses the business management system, may recognize 10 scanned documents free of charge. The documents will be recognized on our server -

    You do not need to set up anything, unless you changed settings of ABBYY Recognition Server. If you changed the settings, specify this address in the parameters of ABBYY Recognition Server on page "Administration->Settings".

    The Groupware System - ABBYY Recognition Server Setting

  6. Server: To improve control over the work of the server, updated the report "Use of threads (per hour)" on page "Administration->Statistics".

    Added collecting and visualization of the maximum number of open SQL-connections per hour. The specified value will be displayed in addition to the maximum number of threads used for processing authorized (internal) and not authorized (public) requests per hour.

    The business report - Use of threads and SQL connections

  7. Server: For a efficiency analysis of data visualized on charts implemented the possibility to display only one of the series of values by a click on the appropriate header in the chart legend.

    This feature allows you to see the values that can be hidden because of their small values.

    The Service Desk report - Amount of incidents

  8. Server: To unify the style of employees pictures, a light gray border will be automatically added to uploaded pictures.

  9. Documents: The recognition command is now available for each scanned document.

    Now you don't need to set up the folder properties. Simply click "Recognize" which is available to any image stored in the Document management of the business management software.

    After some time the recognized file will be saved in the same folder and with the same name as the scanned document.

    The recognition command in Document Management

  10. eMail Client: The page of email creation has been revised using the JavaScript TeamWox library.

    Now when creating and email you can:
    • attach several files simultaneously;
    • attach files by dragging them from any folder on your local disk in file attachment area in your browser window;
    • have quick search of recipients both in the Contacts and in the list of employees (personnel).

  11. Organizations, Contacts: Added a new filter condition "Last comment date" and a possibility to view the latest comment in the Organizations and Contacts (CRM, Customer Relationship Management elements of the TeamWox Groupware).

    Adding this condition to the filter, a sales manager can view all organizations or contacts, which have not been contacted for several days, where the date of the last comment is older than a specified number of days.

    The CRM tools: a filter condition - Last comment date

    The list of Last comments in the Organizations profile Sorting last comments by date in the list

  12. Organization, Contact: Implemented a command for fast adding a note in the history of the organization or contact without the need to open a page with its details.

    After contacting a client, a manager should add a note on the results of contacting. With the new command this can be done faster.


  13. Organization, Contact: To improve the efficiency of working with a clients of contacts base, the company name and contact name are shown as a link.

    When processing a list of organizations, e.g. calling to potential clients, you can open a page with details of a specific organization in a new tab, while the page with a list of organizations will remain open. You will see the current position in the list which will save you time.

    Opening link of contacts profile in new tab

  14. Organization: Implemented a consolidated business report for assessing the quality of service rendered to a certain organization.

    To assess the quality of customer technical service (feedback) TeamWox Groupware offers business reports on quantitative and qualitative indicators - receipt and processing of requests in Service Desk (Helpdesk), number of dialogs in Online Customer Support Live Chat, etc.

    Reading the reports, CEO can assess how well the technical support team work. These reports do not allow to assess the processing of a certain organization.

    Starting with this build you can go to the "Report" page on the organization's overview page. This page contains reports applied to this specific company:
    • The total number of requests;
    • Expired requests;
    • Time spent on solving the problems specified in the requests;
    • Distribution of expired requests by service groups;
    • Requests by processing time;
    • How the company's stuff rated services via the Live Chat (Online Assistant)

    The Business report for assessing the quality of service

  15. Contacts: Implemented the possibility to specify custom fields in the conditions of filters.

    In module settings, the administrator can add custom fields to store specific information about the contact person of the organization. Information stored in custom fields is often used to divide contacts into categories.

    With the new features you can select specific contacts from the general list according to the appropriate category.

    The CRM tool - using custom fields in the conditions of filters

  16. Chat: Implemented the feature of automatic start of Customer Support Live Chat (Online Assistant) dialog on your website without filling out a form.

    The component of integration of Live Chat with your website enables a new channel for your clients to contact your specialists.

    The personalized interface available for your registered customers, for example, a private office, means that the user name and the company name are already known. The clients do not need to fill in the form of the Chat (Online Assistant) before the starting a dialog. They only need to select a service group and briefly describe their problem in the Subject field.

    The new function of automatic live chat entering allows you to specify the service group and the subject in the settings of the integration component. For example, in different site sections you can integrate the command of the Online Assistant call with the service groups set depending on the subjects.

    Read more on how to set up the automatic log in to chat online in TeamWox Groupware Help.

  17. Chat: Implemented a new business report that shows how your clients rate dialogs.

    The new report allows you to assess in which technical service group clients rate dialogs most often and to which they give higher rates.

    The Online Assistant report - rating chats by group

  18. Chat: Implemented a new business report that shows the total number of dialogs for a certain period, by technical service groups.

    The CRM report - number of call to chat on the service groups

  19. SaaS Agent: Implemented the possibility to register already installed TeamWox Groupware servers.

    TeamWox SaaS Agent allows you to install and manage multiple instances of TeamWox Groupware servers, which use only one wild-card SSL certificate. In this case all the TeamWox Groupware servers are accessible at third-level domains. The second-level domain is the one on which the SSL certificate was issued (e.g. *

    In some cases, you need to provide a technical service to a client with their own domain allocated for the TeamWox collaboration system (for example, In this case, The groupware system is installed by the service administrator using the TeamWox installer.

    For easier management of all the servers installed on a computer, with the new build of TeamWox SaaS Agent an administrator of a SaaS (software as a service) server can register a separately installed server.

    SaaS Agent - adding already installed instance

  20. SaaS Agent: The user interface of the TeamWox collaboration software is available in 28 languages.

    In TeamWox SaaS Agent added the possibility to select the language of a user interface for a newly installed server.

    The new feature allows you to provide your clients with the TeamWox Groupware server where their native language is set as default.

  21. TeamWox Communicator: One of the functions of the communicator is to notify of changes in the TeamWox business management system. However, if the application window was minimized, the messages were not visible.

    A new function has been added to display notifications in the lower right section of the screen, even if the communicator window is minimized. This allows you to always stay updated of changes in the TeamWox collaboration software.

    The TeamWox communication system - Display notifications

  22. TeamWox Communicator: Notifications of changes that have not been read by the user yet are displayed in bold on the "Events" tab.

    This will help you see the notifications that appeared after the user's last visit to the TeamWox Groupware web page or after the communicator window was minimized.

  23. TeamWox Communicator: New context menu commands have been added for fast managing of the list of contacts.

  24. TeamWox Communicator: Extended the list of communicator parameters. Added proxy settings.

    If these parameters are not set up, the appropriate configurations of Microsoft Internet Explorer will be used.

  25. TeamWox Communicator: The name of the message author and date are shown in the communicator live chat only if more than 30 seconds passed since the previous message.

  26. TeamWox Communicator: To make the communicator more convenient, the main communicator window and the window with chat dialogs are minimized separately. 

  27. Translations: Updated user interface in Russian, English, Farsi, Chinese, Tatar, Polish, Spanish, German and Greek.

  28. Optimize performance.

  29. Fixed errors reported on forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1144 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox business management software.

Electronic Document Management (Docflow) in the TeamWox Groupware System

The transition and work of electronic document flow in an organization are carried out in the TeamWox groupware system, using the "Documents" module. This article will describe, in great detail and with examples, how to work with documents in the TeamWox system, starting from how to connect to documents and ending with report creation.

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