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SSL Certificate and GoDaddy hosting

Iinweed 12/11/2010 15:36 | #

We are having problems getting GoDaddy to issue a SSL certificate.

They tell us:

"Thank you for contacting SSL technical support. This new CSR is also invalid because in the "OU" field, you have entered, Team/emailAddress=a.user(at) This contains several invalid characters that are not permitted in a CSR / SSL. The only characters other than letters and numbers permitted in a CSR / SSL are "." (periods) and "-" (dashes). Please generate a new CSR making sure to omit the invalid characters and send it back to us for review."

(actual name obfuscated)

Is there a way around this? The request form will not complete without a valid email address entered.

Can I use a certificate that was requested by, for example IIS, as ling as it contains the correct URL?

If not, how do I go about getting a certificate? (GoDaddy is our preferred supplier for certs, we don't really want to get them elsewhere and end up with a different issuer.)

Any help would be appreciated!


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AgentRX 15/11/2010 21:07 | #

You can use the SSL certificate you got by IIS. The CN (Common Name) field of the certificate MUST correspond to your TeamWox Groupware domain name. To install the certificate you should go to the Administration->Security and push the command-link "Change certificate".

Email address is a valid field of CSR. There is GoDaddy instruction which describes creating a CSR using an email address.

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