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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1315

alexey 11/03/2011 16:43 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: MetaQuotes Software Corp. provides a free third level domain for your TeamWox Groupware server.

    Starting with this build, on page "Administration->Overview" a form for managing free domains *, *, * is available.
    In the "IP address" field you enter the IP address, to which the domain should be linked. The address must be accessible from the Internet so that users can operate in the TeamWox collaboration software from anywhere in the world.

    In order to automatically track changes of the IP address, at which TeamWox is available from the Internet, check option "Track IP changes". Every hour the IP address will be checked, and if needed, appropriate changes will be made on our DNS server.

    Requests to change the IP address are transmitted to our server via HTTPS. The requests are signed by the keys from your TeamWox Groupware license, which eliminates malicious change of your IP address by third parties.

    The features of the DNS technology should be taken into account. Information about changes of the IP address of a domain can be spread to other DNS servers up to 1-2 days.

    The new tool allows you to save time in case of change of IP address of your TeamWox Groupware server. In the previous builds, in case you needed to change the IP address, you had to send an email to our company, or add a request on page "Administration->Request".

    TeamWox Groupware: administration of the free third level domain

  2. Server: To improve the ease of TeamWox Groupware server administration from mobile devices and PCs in countries with right-to-left text direction, the following pages of the "Administration" module have been redesigned:
    • "Users";
    • "Users/ Personal details";
    • "Users/ Contact details;
    • "Users/ Additional Information";
    • "Groups";
    • "Groups/ Identification".

    The pages have been redesigned using the TeamWox Groupware library of JavaScript controls and optimized for working from a Web browser of mobile devices (mobile platform).

    If necessary, the TeamWox Groupware system administrator can change user information, change permissions or disable a user right from a mobile device.

  3. Documents: For a better convenience of reading plain text documents using the universal TeamWox Groupware viewer, implemented the automatic encoding detection.

    Encoding of a text document is automatically detected when you first view it, and is stored in its properties.

    In the case of an error in the automatic encoding detection, the user can choose another one. The selected encoding will be used the next time you view this document in the Document management of TeamWox Groupware system.

    Document Management: selection the character encoding for view

  4. eMail Client: Fixed an error with remembering a manually select encoding when viewing emails.

    When a user changes encoding at the preview page, the email text is now displayed in the selected encoding, but not in the encoding specified in the email.

    When viewing it the next time, the user selected encoding stored the email details will be used.

  5. Calendar new: Development of the Calendar tool is now being tested. The beta version will be available in the next build.

    The Calendar is intended for scheduling.

    Every employee can specify the time and description of an event in a personal calendar.

    At the event, for example, a meeting, you may invite colleagues who can consent to participate or reject it.

    In the Calendar tool, you can create several public calendars, which can be used for scheduling meetings, presentations, or plan to use an official vehicle.
    You can set separate permissions to each public calendar.

    The Calendar in the collaboration system

  6. Translations: Updated user interface of the collaboration software in Spanish, Chinese, Latvian, German and Polish.

  7. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1315 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox business management system.

TeamWox SDK: Setting Up Custom Modules Environment - Part 1

In this article we will talk about how to properly configure the environment of custom TeamWox modules for their further distribution.

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