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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1379

alexey 13/05/2011 23:06 | #
What's new:
  1. Server: It is now very convenient and easy to send an error message or a suggestion to the TeamWox Groupware developers. On page "Administration->Requests", you can add a request, which immediately appears in the appropriate section of our Service Desk (HelpDesk).

    To handle your requests with error messages, we need to know the parameters of your network environment and statistics of resource usage of your TeamWox Groupware server. To reduce the time spent preparing this information, on the request creation page we have added the "Insert report" command.

    We recommend to insert the text of the statistical report each time you create a request describing an error that appeared on the TeamWox Groupware server.

    Before sending a request, you can edit the generated text of the report with the statistics of your TeamWox server, so you can leave only relevant details in it.

    Service Desk (HelpDesk) - sending an error message or a suggestion

  2. Chat: Expanded the list of languages ​​of the UI of the component that integrates the Chat (Online Assistant) module with a web site - the Azerbaijani language has been added.

    Please update the support.swf file on your website. The specified file is available in the archive, which can be downloaded at the link or from the built-in TeamWox Help "Chat-> Public Component".

  3. Accounting: To increase the usability and enhance the convenience for the countries with the right to left text direction, the page of invoice and payment editing has been redesigned using the JavaScript library of controls.

    Editing of the list of products listed in an invoice has become more convenient due to the use of a table with editing options:
    • a new row is added automatically;
    • to change a cell value, you only need to click on it;
    • extended keyboard support when filling the table data.

    When developing the new options, we have taken into account the wishes of TeamWox Groupware users: the type of VAT charging selected for the book last, is remembered; when forming a payment, you can choose an invoice from the list and information about the payer, recipient, amount, etc. will be automatically filled out based on the invoice in TeamWox Accounting.

    Accounting - the page of invoice

  4. MetaTrader 4: Released the 64-bit beta version of the "MetaTrader 4" module.

    The new version of the MetaTrader 4 module will allow companies that use this module to translate their TeamWox server to the 64 mode and take full advantage of it:
    • Fast full search re-indexing in x64 version. Re-indexing is 3-6 times faster than that in the 32-bit version;
    • Maximum use of the computer resources;
    • The search indexing does not affect the system performance;

    In order to move an installed TeamWox Groupware server to the 64-bit version, you should:
    • Update the TeamWox Groupware server to the latest build;
    • In the console (cmd.exe) in TeamWox installation directory run:
      updater.exe /64 /activate

    When moving to the 64-bit version the appropriate versions of the server and modules will be downloaded. There is no need to convert data.

  5. TeamWox SaaS Agent: To promote the integration with third-party solutions for service providers, and to enhance the system security, implemented the possibility of unauthorized call of HTTP API TeamWox SaaS Agent.

    Starting with the new build, the TeamWox SaaS Agent can automatically generate a key to call the HTTP API commands. With the specified key, only a command for creating an instance of the TeamWox Groupware server and server control commands can be called in TeamWox SaaS Agent HTTP API.

    SaaS Agent - automatically generate a key to call the HTTP API commands

    Currently we are modifying TeamWox collaboration software to fit into  Application Packaging Standart (APS) Version 1.0 and 1.2 (

    The TeamWox SaaS Agent allows you to cost-effectively deploy a site for hosting TeamWox Groupware servers. Its integration with the Parallels Business Automation and Parallels Plesk Panel will allow hosters and SaaS providers to start providing TeamWox services, using an existing infrastructure of resource management and pricing.

  6. TeamWox Communicator: At the end of communication via the TeamWox Live Chat (Online Assistant), the dialog should be completed. The website page shows notifications about unfinished conversations.

    In the new build of the communicator, implemented a command for completing the chat dialog. When clicking on the close tab button, a dialog appears suggesting a few options: complete or hide the chat leaving it active.

    TeamWox Communicator - notifications about unfinished conversations

  7. TeamWox Communicator: The communicator receives updates from your TeamWox Groupware server. The TeamWox Communicator update system has been moved to the secure HTTPS protocol.

    So you can completely discontinue the use of unsafe HTTP protocol on the TeamWox server, if necessary. This improves the security of data transmission and simplifies configuration of the network environment.

    When using SSL certificates issued by MetaQuotes CA and installed together with the TeamWox server, the automatic updates may be unavailable.

    We recommend that you check the version of the TeamWox Communicator, which is used by your employees. If after the last server upgrade the build number of TeamWox Communicator is below 263, we recommend that you update manually by downloading and running the latest version of the installer.

    To install the new version of the TeamWox Communicator, each employee must download a new version of the installer and run the installation procedure. In this case there is no need to uninstall the previous version of the TeamWox Communicator.

    The installer can be downloaded on the official TeamWox web site ( of from a user's profile page in your TeamWox collaboration system.

  8. Translations: Updated user interface of the groupware system in Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Kyrgyz, Chinese and Polish.

  9. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking) and in crash logs.
The live update Build 1379 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox business management system.
TeamWox SDK: Setting Up Custom Modules Environment - Part 1

In this article we will talk about how to properly configure the environment of custom TeamWox modules for their further distribution.

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