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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1406

alexey 29/06/2011 16:47 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: Implemented support for the Iranian calendar Jalali.

    The system of chronology of this calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar, which is used in most countries. Displaying the date in the conventional chronology for employees makes it much easier to work in the  TeamWox groupware system.

    Starting with this build, users can select the type of calendar, which they use in their normal life and work, on their Profile page. Date in all modules will be displayed in accordance with the selected type - Jalali or Gregorian.

    A control for selecting the date and time according to the Iranian calendar, will be implemented soon.

    The groupware system: choosing the Calendar type

  2. Server: To improve the usability, the list of UI languages is sorted alphabetically.

    The number of languages ​​into which the TeamWox Groupware interface was originally translated, was small - 4-5 languages. In the Select Language dialog they were arranged in the order they had appeared the business management system.

    The number of supported languages ​​has increased considerably. To help users to quickly find their native language in the list of 29 languages, now they appear in alphabetical order.

    The groupware system: choosing the Intarface language

  3. Service Desk (Helpdesk): In order to improve the system performance, information about the number of new or updated requests in service groups has been replaced by a flag of changes.

    With a significant increase in the number of requests that are stored in TeamWox groupware, the system requires more time to determine the exact number of new and update requests for a specific employee. This increases the time needed to display the Service Desk (Helpdesk) pages. The time required to determine whether there are changes practically does not increase.

    To preserve the notifications and maintain high speed of TeamWox groupware system, only a flag of changes in a category is shown now.

    Service Desk (HelpDesk): a flag of changes in a service groups

  4. Accounting: Expanded the functions of the module, added the "Operations" page, on which you can view the movement of funds in the context of products.

    One line in the list of operations contains information on operations for one product.

    This page is customizable: you can choose which columns to display, sort the list by one of the columns, filter the list by the product name or supplier/payer.

    The list can be exported into a file of one of the supported formats (*.CSV, *.XML, *.HTML).

    Accounting: the statement page

  5. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Extended possibilities for monitoring installed instances of TeamWox Groupware servers. Added new functions for viewing statistics of a particular TeamWox Groupware server.

    The TeamWox collaboration software includes monitoring tools that allow administrators to monitor the main parameters of the server.

    The SaaS server administrator does not have access to the data of installed TeamWox instances. The new "Statistics" command allows to view the performance statistics. A click on the icon of the command opens a page with the statistics of a selected TeamWox Groupware server.

    SaaS Agent: the icon of the command opens a page with the statistics

    The instance monitoring page shows information about the amount of data received and sent by a user, CPU load, amount of memory occupies, the number of active users, etc.

    SaaS Agent: The instance monitoring page

  6. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Released a beta version of the set of functions for monitoring and administrating a group of servers for organizing TeamWox Groupware hosting.

    Organizing hosting of applications in the SaaS format requires flexible choice and allocation of new resources when installing new client applications. To ensure this condition, you must have a network of computers that are used for the purpose of hosting. Managing these computers should be as simple as possible.

    TeamWox SaaS Agent is designed for simple and efficient organization of TeamWox service delivery in the SaaS format. This build includes beta functions that enable cost-effective consolidation of several computers into a network for organizing SaaS hosting. Monitoring and administration of multiple TeamWox Groupware server instances installed on different computers will be available from a single TeamWox SaaS Agent installed on a "parent" computer.

    Added a new "Servers" page. On this page, the TeamWox SaaS Agent administrator will be able to view the list of servers and register a new child server. When registering a new server, specify its address and data of the user who will run commands.

    SaaS Cloud: registration TeamWox SaaS Agent server

    On the "Settings" page, in the section of API access parameters, you can choose a method for selecting a child server for installing new TeamWox Groupware instances:
    • on the principle of uniform resource utilization of each child server;
    • by geographic location of a client, selecting the closest child server.

    SaaS Cloud: Choosing a method for selecting a child server

  7. TeamWox SaaS Agent: To increase the flexibility of administration, implemented the possibility to restrict user access to certain pages and functions.

    In case of using a computer with TeamWox SaaS Agent as one of child servers for TeamWox SaaS hosting, users should have different rights.

    It is advisable that theses users are given only the permission of "Instances: view". With this right, they can install new server instances, view information about installed servers and execute commands to manage them.

    SaaS Agent: Setting permissions of users

  8. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Implemented a function of fast filtering.

    Search in the filter field depends on the page:
    • On the "Instances" page it helps to find an installed TeamWox Groupware server by its name or domain.
    • On the "Accounts" page it searches for a TeamWox SaaS Agent user by the login, full name or additional description.
    • On the "Servers" page it finds a child server by its domain or description.
    • On the "Journals" page it searches for system logs by a domain, IP address or a comment.

    SaaS Agent: Fast filtering comments in the Journal

  9. Translations: Updated user interface of the collaboration software in Bulgarian and German.

  10. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1406 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

Business Reports in TeamWox Collaboration Software

In TeamWox reports are available in almost all modules, which makes the company management easier and equips a user with urgent data on the company's state of affairs. Reports cover all aspects of the company's working activity providing wide possibilities for an efficient control.

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