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How to arrange goods delivery requests in the business system?

Scooter 16/11/2011 16:42 | #
How to arrange goods delivery requests in the TeamWox business management system?
TeamWox SDK: Interaction with DBMS

In this article we will consider how to organize interaction with DBMS used in TeamWox, as well as creating User Interface for this purpose.

TechSupport 16/11/2011 17:24 | #

Thank you for your question.

TeamWox groupware system allows to arrange a comfortable processing of service requests. I will briefly describe my vision of your case.

  1. A personal account is registered for each forwarder (transport unit) in the business management system.
  2. One or more forwarders groups are created depending on hierarchy, location, transport units or transported goods types.
  3. "Goods delivery" service group is created in the Service Desk (HelpDesk) module. If the business is divided into regional or products units, separate service groups can be created for each region/ products group.
  4. Set the parameters that are to be assigned for delivery requests to configure a service group. For example:
    - categories - requests categories must be listed here. For instance, if we divide them by cargo types/categories processed by a company, there may be general, bulk and tank, short-life, living creatures, hazardous ones etc.;
    - products - the types of services provided to your customers must be listed here. For instance, by means of transport: railway, motor, marine vessels, inner water marine vessels, air carriers, pipelines etc. Or intracity, long-distance, international ones; export/import/transit ones;
    - permissions - add an administrator (provide him with "Administration" permission), persons responsible for delivery requests processing ("Full overview"), forwarders or forwarder groups ("Access" permission). All users will be able to see service groups according to their customized access rights.
  5. If you already have a well-developed client base, you can import it to the Organizations of your TeamWox business management software. All history of working with your clients is stored in the Organizations. This module is closely connected with other business system modules. That allows to see all information about a client in his/her profile including email communications, documents, mutual exchages history and delivery service requests.
  6. You can configure service level agreements (SLA) for each client. The levels are linked to a service request processing time. When a request is received, its execution date will be set automatically in accordance with its SLA service level (e.g., in 24 hours after submission).
  7. Requests can be submitted to Service Desk (HelpDesk) in two ways. They can be prepared by:
    - TeamWox groupware system user manually in Service Desk (HelpDesk) directly, from eMail Client or Task Manager;
    - a customer through the Service Desk public component. This involves the integration of TeamWox collaboration software into a third-party web interface system (e.g., a corporate web site). In this case a customer will be able to see the correspondence concerning his/her request and track its status.

TeamWox Groupware ability to closely integrate into a corporate website provides additional benefits. You can place different blank forms at your web site. After filling this forms they will be submitted to TeamWox collaboration software. For instance, a website visitor can fill a form concerning ordered goods delivery. After pressing the 'Send' button the data is submitted to TeamWox groupware system automatically. A client profile is created based on this data, a service request for delivery is generated and a responsible manager is assigned to it. Due to this TeamWox business management software possibility the manager is relieved of routine operations to let him/her spend more time to process a request.

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