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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1527

alexey 08/12/2011 11:56 | #

What's new:

  1. Server: For your convenience the keyword entry field used for searching or filtering now becomes wider when it gets focus from mouse or if it contains typed in value.

    For example, wider entry field allows to see longer names of organizations that an employee is looking for in the "Organizations" module.

    Organizations: the keyword entry field for searching or filtering

  2. E-Mail: In order to improve the system performance, information about the number of new emails in mailbox has been replaced by a flag of changes.

    Information about new emails allows employees to respond customers or partners on time.

    eMail Client: information about new emails

    With a significant increase in the number of emails that are stored in TeamWox, the system requires more time to determine the exact number of unread emails in mailbox or in a list of assigned conversations. This increases the time needed to display the E-Mail module pages. The time required to determine whether there are changes practically does not increase.

    To preserve the notifications and maintain high speed of TeamWox, only a flag of changes in a mailbox or a specific filter is shown now.

  3. Organization: Enhances features of quick setup of employee's workspace. Now the common library of filters is available for use.

    Filters of the "Organizations" module are intended to organize workspaces of each manager. A specific filter allows you to quickly select from the general list only those organizations that an employee is working with at the moment.

    Library of filters enhances the interaction between heads of departments and their subordinates. The scope of work for a sales manager can be represented as a list of clients, for example - potentials. The head of department creates a filter that selects organizations that manager have to make a contact. An employee adds a filter from the library to list and starts working with organizations from this list.

    For partners implementing TeamWox, new functionality allows to prepare a set of filters corresponding to organization's business processes before implementation actually starts. Employees do not need to spend time creating filters and setting conditions for them - they may simply copy filters from the library.

    The CRM tools: Library in Filter Editor

  4. TeamWox Communicator: Implemented inviting employees to chat in TeamWox Communicator window.

    During a conversation, anyone who participates in it can invite another employee to chat. This makes it easy to involve qualified professionals of your company to address a problem.

    In the new build this feature is available in the chat dialog of TeamWox Communicator. To extend the list of employees involved in discussion now you do not need to open the "Chat" module web page. User interface of inviting employees is similar to the main window. It provides similar ways of navigation - quick search and folding/unfolding groups.

  5. TeamWox Communicator: Among new features available both on the "Chat" module web page and in TeamWox Communicator is the ability to edit the title of public chat.

    For each of the "Chat" dialogs you can specify a title that would describe the subject your client have addressed your company. The title can be set by client at the beginning of communication, or it may be changed later by member of technical support team. A brief description presented in the title will help you understand the communication subject without having to see the whole text of conversation and will help to quickly find a particular conversation in the list.

    From this build on, you can edit the title in the TeamWox Communicator chat window. For technical support specialists it is enough to open information about the chat and click on the title.

    TeamWox Communicator: edit the dialog's title in the chat window

  6. TeamWox Communicator: Implemented indication of connection status with TeamWox server.

    Communicator menu button changes its color depending on connection with TeamWox server: red - no connection, green - connected.

    TeamWox Communicator: connected status in the menu button

  7. TeamWox Communicator: Extended list of supported USB phones. Implemented feature that allows to dial and navigate the contact list by pressing keys on a USB phone.

    In this build the list of USB phones supported by TeamWox Communicator has been increased from 3 to 9 models:
    • SkypeMate P4K
    • SkypeMate P1K
    • SkypeMate P1M
    • SkypeMate P6S
    • SkypeMate P10D
    • SkypeMate W1DL
    • SkypeMate VM-01L
    • SkypeMate VM-01S
    • Plantronics P540-M

    Sometimes it is much easier to dial a number, make a call or redial just using a USB phone. On this basis we are trying to provide the most comfortable TeamWox Communicator experience directly from your USB phone. To make the main window active simply to pick up the receiver or press any key on the USB phone. You can dial a number, select an employee from the contact list and make a call using the connected USB phone keyboard.

  8. TeamWox SaaS Agent: Enhanced list of parameters of monitoring TeamWox instances and servers of SaaS framework.

    From this build on, on the "Instances" page you can estimate the number of registered users in a specific TeamWox server copy and also the maximum number of users concurrently working on it. The totals for all the TeamWox server copies operating in SaaS framework node are represented in the lower row of table.

    To improve the convenience of administration on the "Servers" page you can see the additional information about SaaS framework servers - what CPU, RAM and operating system are installed on each one of them. On this page you can also estimate the total number of users and their activity both in a whole SaaS framework and on each of its servers.

    SaaS Cloud: List of parameters of monitoring servers

  9. TeamWox SaaS Agent: For the convenience commands of managing instance are available on its statistics page.

    TeamWox SaaS Agent allows you to quickly allocate new instance and provide it to clients for testing period of 2 months. Statistics of TeamWox server copy allows you to estimate its usage activity. In case of low activity of TeamWox test instance and if customer abandons further testing, this instance can be stopped or uninstalled. From this build on, you can run the corresponding commands from the statistics view page. You don't need to waste time returning to list and searching for corresponding TeamWox server.

    SaaS Cloud: managing instance via its statistics page

  10. TeamWox SaaS Agent: In order to provide easy and convenient migration of TeamWox instance from one server to another, IP address of binding is automatically changed in configuration of instance.

  11. Optimized memory consumption when working in SaaS server mode.

  12. Translations: Updated user interface in Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Persian, Polish, Tatar and Ukrainian.

  13. Fixed errors reported on official forum, via Service Desk (bugtracking system) and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1527 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

New Customer Support Tool - TeamWox Online Assistant (Live Chat)

The Online Assistant is one of the most convenient ways to organize the Customer Support Service. With its functions you can achieve the order in your communications with customers, can control your employees' work and can always read the history of all online chats.

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