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Second TeamWox copy on one computer problem

adelion 13/12/2011 01:42 | #


Our company uses TeamWox and finds it quite convenient so that we decided to test it for our other projects. Thank you for the great product!

We have successfully installed a second version of TeamWox on the same server (under different IP, with different service name and in separate folder) as described at:

This new version is accessible through:

But after installation I wasn’t asked to setup administrative account for it, so I have no way to start working with it.

I have tried to use your advice to reset the password ( ), and as I don’t know my login I used IBExpert software to change records in Firebird database.

So I installed IBExpert on the server, configured as it was shown, but because our server is 64-bit I wasn’t able to access the client file. Here is a screencap of an error:

32 to 64 IBExpert problem

Please note: I selected fbembeded64.dll as there were no fbclient.dll ( I assume due to old version of TeamWox on your tutorials screenshots).

Please create on your end and send me an administrative account credentials for as it seems that there is no other way to create it for me. 

New Customer Support Tool - TeamWox Online Assistant (Live Chat)

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TechSupport 26/12/2011 11:36 | #
Please contact us via Online Assistant.
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