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New Version of TeamWox Server Build 1567

alexey 20/02/2012 16:48 | #

What's new:

  1. E-Mail: Added an option for specifying name and email address for a signature in auto-reply emails.

    A new field has been added in the mailbox auto-reply settings. You can specify the author's name and email address for the messages that are automatically sent as a reply to any received email. In the previous version, "Auto answer" was shown in the signatures of such emails.

  2. E-Mail: When you create a new mailbox, the system checks for its duplicates.

    The E-Mail modules provides TeamWox users with some unique features aimed at reducing duplication of information: multiple users allowed to work with one mailbox, assigning emails to responsible employees.

    Very often, a common email address is used for the technical support team or sales department, instead of using addresses of individual employees. Several employees can work with one mailbox. Quite often, a mail client is installed and configured in each employee's computer. In this case a client may receive replies to one and the same email from several employees or receive no answer at all.

    The E-Mail module of the TeamWox system prevents information duplication thus eliminating errors when working with customers' emails. Any employee of an appropriate department can be allowed to access a specific mailbox. Instead of forwarding emails to one or more competent employees, you can simply assign it to them. And all employees from the group can see the email conversation.

    No need to have multiple mailboxes with the same mail server address and login. Starting with this build, an administrator or user received a warning when trying to register a mailbox, if its mail server and login are already used in TeamWox.

  3. Documents: To improve ease of use, added columns with a document name and a responsible employee in the list of documents.

  4. Chat: Implemented protection against spam attacks (a large number of dialogs created by multiple requests from a web site).

    The Chat module offers a simple integrate with your company's website. Your clients receive a quick way to contact your company's specialists who are responsible for solving their problems.

    Spam attack protection implemented in the new build. After receiving a large number of requests from one IP address, a ban is set for 2 minutes to several hours, depending on the frequency of such requests. This will protect your technical support team from a large number of unauthorized requests to help them focus on your customers' queries.

  5. Accounting: New macro "INVOICE_OPER_DATE" implemented for an invoice template.

    This macro allows you to use the date specified in the invoice for a printed invoice.

  6. Contacts, Organizations: Improved performance of import and export operations.

  7. Telephony: Module operation is being tested with various VoIP providers. Continued development and testing of digital receptionist functions, inbound and outbound rules.

    The Telephony module provides a full set of features for organizing telephone exchange. After installing the module you can call your colleagues.

    To receive and make external calls, you will need to specify the parameters of your VoIP provider. The main parameters are set automatically.

    On the inbound rules page, specify the digital receptionist to receive your clients' calls in the working and non-working hours, and the user to redirect incoming calls to.
    On the outbound rules page, you can specify your provider's specific phone number parameters. You can also specify a provider to use for a specific group of users.

    On the digital receptionist page, you can replace the default welcome file by one or more custom sound files.

  8. Updater: Accelerated the backup process and corrected errors that could lead to an increased size of backups in case the TeamWox file repository contains a large number of files.

  9. Translations: Updated user interface in Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

  10. Fixed errors reported on forum, via Service Desk and in crash logs.

The live update Build 1567 will be available through the LiveUpdate TeamWox Groupware system.

TeamWox SDK: Creating Custom Reports

Reports enable you to visualize various factors of organizational performance. In this article we will consider how to create custom reports in TeamWox groupware.

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erezventura 22/02/2012 09:03 | #
Why Don't I see the telephony module?
TechSupport 22/02/2012 09:22 | #
Why Don't I see the telephony module?

This module is still tested, will be available publicly soon.

alexey 24/02/2012 11:12 | #
New TeamWox build 1571 has been released. In the new build, errors reported in crash logs, Service Desk requests and on the forum have been fixed.
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