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Hello, TeamWox is on the line!

jerome 30/03/2012 14:33 | #

We are pleased to announce a beta release of the new Telephony module for TeamWox collaboration software. Now anyone can enjoy the functionality of a business telephone system at their desk for free. Note that the Telephony module is available to users of any TeamWox version - no restrictions for the SaaS version and the free version for small businesses!

Automate corporate VOIP telephony with IP-PBX TeamWox

Those who already appreciate user-friendliness, high speed and safety of our products, will see the true value of TeamWox Telephony. It is as simple, prompt and safe as ever - our priorities haven't changed. Essentially, TeamWox Telephony serves to optimize the work process management in a company – it will help you quickly automate administration and processing of voice calls.

Once the new module is connected, you will be able to make free calls and communicate with all your TeamWox users enjoying the same quality when talking to your colleagues wherever they could be - in the same building, another city or even another country. All you need for communication is a headset or a separate microphone with speakers/headphones - like in Skype. Optionally, a USB phone can also be used.

To start making and receiving calls, simply specify your IP telephony provider. SIP protocol support makes TeamWox compatible with any VoIP provider (iBasis, InPhonex, Skype Connect and others).

Corporate telephony automation is now prompt and trouble-free for absolutely any company. Give it a try and see for yourself how simple, fast and convenient it is! Try Two-Months TeamWox SaaS Groupware for Free!

Setting Up Customer Support Service with TeamWox Live Chat (Online Assistant)

The TeamWox collaboration system contains the Chat module that will help you to build a Customer Support Service at a new level.

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erezventura 01/04/2012 19:50 | #



We have an IP cloud based PBX which has a different internet infrastructure which has a steady 2Megs down and up.

if i want to use the TW functionalities it has to be using the same internet as the computer network and thus quality

will be down. 

Do you have any solution for it? 


jerome 04/04/2012 12:26 | #

Do you have any solution for it? 

You should choose the best accommodation of the TeamWox server.
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