About MetaQuotes

Developer of IT solutions for companies all around the world

MetaQuotes began its business back in 2000 as a software applications developer for financial markets. Over time, we have established ourselves as one of the leading developers of IT solutions for brokers, financial markets and banks, while we maintain multiple offices all over the world.

From the simple FX Charts platform, to the powerful MetaTrader 5 software package — each of our products were well ahead of their time and firmly established their market position.

The MetaQuotes' creed is developing the best software for the best companies!

The rapid development along with an increase in market share, eventually led to the "expansion issue". It was originally planned to have the "problem" solved by introducing a unified system of enterprise management. It was quickly identified that none of the solutions in the market met our requirements. Thus, we have developed our solution. This is how TeamWox firstly appeared back in 2005.

Initially, it was used only for our internal needs. Collaboration between employees was improved, while business processes were significantly accelerated.

It soon became clear that the "expansion issue" is typical for many companies. Our system is capable of providing a solid solution. In 2009, we released the updated version of commercial TeamWox, enriched with all our experience, gained from the field of collaboration systems.

Nowadays, TeamWox is a simple, convenient and functional tool for Company Management. These are the qualities and values which have attracted over 1000 clients worldwide into the world of MetaQuotes products!

But we do not stop here. Our specialists are constantly striving to further improve TeamWox.

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