TeamWox delivery terms

Flexible licensing by number of users

TeamWox is installed on client's hardware. The cost of a license depends on the number of users:

Active accounts (max)
License price
+ 1 year of support subscription (USD)
Annual subscription
renewal (USD)
up to 10 free

up to 25 $1 000
$200 per year
up to 50 $3 000 $600 per year
 up to 100 $5 000 $1 000 per year 
over 100 $7 500 $1 500 per year

You will receive TeamWox updates for free within a year after purchasing a license. Besides, we can help you with the system installation and configuration. Subscription renewal comprises 20% of the license price per year. If you do not renew your subscription, you will continue to work as usual, although no updates and technical support will be available.

TeamWox covers most of your company's needs

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